Our Highlights from the CES 2015


CES 2015 has just finished a few days ago, but, unlike the other years, this was one in which we truly got an insight in regards to how the world of tomorrow will really look. Jam packed with futuristic devices and technologies, interesting gadgets and numerous new functionalities, this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) provided us with an amazing experience, and here we are going to provide you with some of the highlights.

One of the most interesting announcements from CES 2015 is Sling TV, a stellar video service that will provide its subscribers with a large amount of channels that can be accessed via the web.

Another major point of interest at CES 2015 was definitely VR. Virtual reality is becoming more and more important. Because of that, we had the opportunity to check out the latest version offered by the Oculus Rift, as well as the competition. An interesting presence was offered by Milk VR, the VR content play solution offered by Samsung.

Citoyen du Monde Inc redhead girl explains wearable technology ces 2015

Drones are another major point of interest nowadays, thanks to their great innovations and the ability to scour the sky as they see fit. CES 2015 had numerous drones, with Ehang Ghost, Nixie, AirDog, Hubsan, Maxaero, Zano and Trace being the most interesting ones displayed during the show.

And since 3D printing is clearly becoming the next best thing in technology, it clearly had a major impact at CES 2015 as well. The ChefJet Food printer was a very interesting one, since it 3D prints food, which is a major achievement to say the least! Alongside that, some other notable 3D printers were the Cubify CubePro 3D, FSL3D Pegasus Touch, Orian Delta, as well as the Polar 3D printer.

Other interesting releases here are the dual door oven by Samsung, the ChillHub which is a smart fridge, as well as numerous other devices that lead towards a smart house.

John Biehler Cool 3d printer led black blue lights ces 2015

And although smart cars were more than a fan a few years ago, it seems that they became a reality, with Audi and other brands releasing some neat, amazing concepts at CES 2015.

Some new smart watches were presented at CES 2015 too, with the Alcatel OneTouch, Garmin Vivoactive, Sony Smartwatch and the Garmin Fenix 3, among many others. Numerous fitness wearables were presented at the event as well, and the Gymwatch, Magellan Echo Fit, LifeTrak Gem and even the DigitSole being the most important ones, although numerous others were presented there too.

As expected, hardware was the most important thing at CES 2015, with numerous people coming from all over the world just to see 4K and even 8K TVs, as well as numerous other neat devices for gaming or other purposes. Even so, many startups were present at CES 2015, showing that small groups of people with simple ideas can bring some impressive results!

Citoyen du Monde Inc black drone ces 2015 wheels or flying red net

Another thing to mention is that tablets are slowly losing ground, whereas the PCs are getting their strength back. Numerous tablet PCs were presented at the event, one of them being the new ASUS Transformer Book.

These are the most important items and products presented at CES 2015. The event was jam packed with interesting things to see, and we recommend you to keep an eye on many of these products, as they are definitely going to revolutionize the tech world going forward.

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Photo credit: Nvidia Corporation / Alejandro De La CruzJohn Biehler

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