Orison Helps You Save Money with Power Storage Tech


Today we heard of a very interesting new Kickstarter campaign. Eric Clifton and John Kohut, clean tech visionaries and founders of Orison, are trying to leverage the power of crowdfunding in order to get their new products to the market. The devices are labeled “The First Home Battery System You Simply Plug in to Install” and here’s what we could find out:

What’s Cool about the Orison Products?

Think of the Orison products as massive batteries that you connect to the electricity grid to charge energy in times when it is not expensive and let is distribute energy when energy consumption would cost more money. While this is already interesting for traditional electricity consumers, people who are utilizing renewable energy resources, such as photovoltaic gathering systems, could benefit from the Orison products even more. Solar power collectors would leverage the gathered energy as they need it plus charge the Orison systems with power to use it up later, so they don’t need to feed from the grid power of their local energy provider.



The Orison solution seems a lot like a consumer solution but if there is a viable return on investment, I don’t see why this should not be deployed in offices as well. If it scales at a single home, it will very likely also have a benefit for buildings that are used for commercial or governmental purposes.  Orison also offers a kicking 10 years warranty, which pretty much makes for an easier case and purchase decision, if you can already now account for an investment lifetime of more than 10 years.

Orison Tower

This version of the Orison technology is a standalone element that you can place somewhere in your house, as long it can connect to a power socket. The additional features of the Orison Tower are that it acts as a LED lamp, it has Bluetooth speakers and provides the option for inductive phone charging, as long as your phones support it. The tower version is about 34 inch tall, weighs 40 lbs., has a storage of 2.2 kWh and will have a retail price of about $1,950 as per Orison.

Orison Panel

The panel version of the Orison energy storage system is meant to be mounted on walls to act as decorative light. It works similar to the Orison Tower but you can link the panels up to each other. This version is about 22 inch tall, 28 inch wide, weighs 38 lbs., also has a storage of 2.2 kWh and will have a retail price of about $4,900 for a set of 4 panels including one with inverter and three that chain up to the one with inverter as per Orison.

Orison App

There’s an app for everything – still. And so there is also an app to keep your Orison setup under control. Using the Orison app you may check on your energy savings, schedule the times of charge and discharge and manage the Orison endpoints you have setup in your home.

About Orison

Orison is an energy storage company.  It was founded by clean tech visionaries Eric Clifton and John Kohut with a vision of abundant, clean, and affordable energy for all. The Orison system currently works in 188 countries and I don’t see a reason why this could not be used by households and companies of any size. To find out more on the availability of the system in your region you should check the official campaign page and their homepage as well.

Their Kickstarter campaign is still going for 46 more days (state of 25-Jan) and has currently been backed by 25 people 26 people (just changed as I am writing this) with a funding sum of $14,993 already which makes it very likely for them to achieve their goal of $50,000 and a lot more.

This is a very smart idea, carried out in a very elegant and user friendly way. Great innovation!

Kickstarter: Orison – Rethink the Power of Energy

Photo credit: Orison

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