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Nvidia CEO: Do Not Wait up on New GeForce GPUs

nvidia-corporation-large-logo-high-resolutionTaipei, Taiwan, June 4, 2018 — Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told the crowd gathered at Computex trade show in Taiwan that they better hold their horses when it comes to welcoming anything next-gen from Nvidia following the launch of Turing GPUs which is rumored to take place next month.

While the shows of this type seem like a perfect setting for announcements about any plans to give the world yet another GeForce wonder, Jensen dashed any hopes for them with a laconic comment about the arrival of a new, post-Turing GPU: “It will be a long time from now. I’ll invite you, and there will be lunch.”

So, what can we expect?

While Turing series’ Founder’s Edition cards are said to aim for July release, third-party models are (optimistically) expected in August or September. Those waiting for laptop versions will have to set their sights on late 2018.

Truth be told, trade shows have never been Nvidia’s venues of choice when it comes to announcing hot hardware months in advance, with the company preferring to present their products just about the time they are ready for launch. Instead of vague insights into its product lineup crystal ball, Jensen focused on self-driving cars, artificial intelligence technology, and robots, as well as repeated what the company has already demonstrated at GTX Taiwan and GTC shows.

What’s next?

Yet, gamers and GPU enthusiasts could dig out some nuggets from Jensen’s keynote address, at least in the segment dedicated to thin-and-lite gaming notebooks Nvidia promises to focus on in the form of 26 Max-Q models which will be made available this year.

As no CEO’s speech is made complete without figures that show that the company’s helm is in steady hands, the press were reminded that the number of people buying GTX-class GPUs has increased three times compared to 2013, making up as much as 50 % of Nvidia’s GeForce general sales.

Finally, Jensen suggested “buying GeForce ASAP,” and added that GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti represent the best currently available models ahead of the coming next-gen revolution.

YouTube: GTC Taiwan – NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Keynote Address

Photo credit: The feature image is a picture of Jensen Huang provided by Nvidia for press usage.
Source: Jarred Walton (PC Gamer)

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