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GAME24: NVIDIA Pulls an International 24h Gaming Event

Despite sitting a lot in front of their computers, gamers are actually social people that do interact with each other. Be it through multiplayer games or gaming related chat tools, gamers can connect with their friends, share news and just play the latest titles. However, having a gaming event that takes place at the same time all over the world is something unheard of until now, and that is exactly what NVIDIA tries to accomplish with its GAME24.

What GAME24 basically tries to do is to create a unique gaming event that takes place at the same time all over the world and which will last for 24 hours. The event will start on September 18th 2014 and the only goal for it is to show all people in the world how important gaming is and why we love video games.

NVIDIA representatives will travel the world in numerous locations such as London, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Stockholm and so on, organize the events there and live stream them. People at home will be able to check the stream or if they want, they can come and join the physical events.

But GAME24 will bring a lot more new, interesting things. In addition to the beautiful and unique streaming, it will also feature some game and new product announcements, as well as developer interviews in regards to titles that are already in development. GAME24 will even be the host of a DOTA 2 Invitational tournament that features professional teams from all over the world. The event is set to shatter 2 different Guinness world records and become one of the major gaming events.

crowd-event-nvidia-people-audience-green-lightsPeople from home will actually be able to judge competitions, upload their own content and even chat with the celebrities and developers that will be invited to this one of a kind event.

There will also be a lot of prizes such as custom built computers which, of course, have NVIDIA SLI GPUs, as well as numerous other products.

The NVIDIA GAME24 event is really set to become one of the most important memorable events of all time. It will feature all the latest games, developer interviews, gameplay sessions, streams and all that neat stuff that a gamer just dreams about.

If you are a gamer then watching this one of a kind event is certainly recommended, because you will see a lot of professional gamers and their new strategies, not to mention the fact that you can win amazing prizes to begin with. You will definitely enjoy this one of a kind event, so we do recommend that you take a look at it right away and, on September 18th at 6 PM PDT log on to start the adventure of a lifetime! Find out more:

YouTube: GAME24 by NVIDIA

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