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Forget about Spray, NoBugs Has Insect Repelling Clothes

Nobody likes the feeling of a mosquito bite or a similar nuisance. It’s distracting, it hurts, itches and in some cases could even be a health concern. Of course, you can keep rubbing all kinds of chemicals on your skin to avoid that but is that any better for your health? NoBugs might be what you’re looking for.

Clothes to keep insects away

US-based company NoBugs has an attractive solution for keep insects like mosquitos or ticks away from you. Their product portfolio is all about insect repelling clothes. They got some interesting solutions that are not only keeping the mosquitos and their friends away but also protect your skin from the sun with a UV protection.

Their clothing is centered around being active outside. Hikers, sports fans and everybody who is often in the outdoors could benefit from this type of clothing. Some of the items are functional and offer you a variety of pockets and other extras, but all of the fabric is breathable and wrinkle-free.


They not only have a generic shirt that does the job but several fashionable and well-designed clothes. They have hoodies, pants, even socks for men, women, kids, and babies. More than that they also offer bug nets and blankets that give you the same protection.

How does it work?

NoBugs clothes are treated with Permethrin, which sounds like a dreadful chemical but actually, has been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1977 and was safely used as insect repellent ever since.

The Permethrin is tightly bonded with the fabrics resulting in what NoBugs calls “Insect Shield.” This effect is said to last for the whole lifetime of the garment. Permethrin in its standard form is considered as an insecticide which is also used to treat lice directly, and it’s on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.


Is there a downside to this?

I didn’t spot anything bad about the NoBugs solution. The material can be used without health concerns and does not smell. The insect repellent effect still works at 90% after 70 washes. The fabrics are durable, as they’ve been designed for military use originally.

The pricing also seems fair to me. For instance, an adult sized hoodie would cost you about 50 bucks. If you’re planning a trip or full vacation you might even get a good bundle price with some discount on the items.

What do you think about the NoBugs insect repelling clothes? Worth the money? Tell us about your thoughts or share alternatives on how to keep the insects away from you. Drop us a comment below!

YouTube: Introducing NoBugs bug repellent clothing with InsectShield

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