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Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Shoes Will Lace Themselves and More

1280px-logo_nikeBack to the Future II is one of the cult movies from a few decades ago and they did go quite wild when it comes to predicting the future in that movie. However, even if some of the things they predicted then are still futuristic, you can still expect to see some of those items become a reality right now. The self-lacing sneakers from Nike that they showed in the movie are finally a reality and Nike is actually going to put them on sale very soon!

The interesting thing about these sneakers is that they are called the HyperAdapt 1.0 and they do actually lace themselves which is amazing to begin with. There is a downside here and the issue does come from the noise that this pair makes. Yes, they aren’t exactly a pair very friendly with your ears, but they do offer convenience and a good quality to begin with so there’s that. Another thing to note here is that the design is pretty much the same that you saw in the movie, which is pretty interesting to begin with.

The way this self-lacing shoe works is simple. They added an internal cable system that is made from a fishing line as well as a pressure sensor in the sole. Whenever you place the foot inside and press on the sole, the cables will tighten and this will make it easy for the shoe to lace itself. That alone manages to provide a very good value and the entire experience is a lot better here thanks to that thing alone.


Another interesting thing here is that the LEDs in the heel will light up when your shoes are tightening. They will also do this when they are low on battery. You need to charge these sneakers and it will take around 3 hours for a complete charge. At a regular use rate, you will be able to make that charge last for 2 weeks. It’s more than enough honestly.

The nylon laces that you see on top of the sneaker are actually visual aids. They will tighten but they aren’t the ones that will put your shoe in place.

Nike has continually tried to create this type of shoes for a long while now and it seems that they are finally ready to take this to the next level. Will this work? Most probably yes and you can rest assured that the results will be very good in the end. One thing is certain, these shoes are coming on the market November 28th and you are bound to have a lot of fun using them. They are one of a kind and they will indeed offer you an incredible experience very soon. Just check them out when they come on the market, you will love them for sure!

YouTube: Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Manifests the Unimaginable


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