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New ‘The Office’ Mobile Game Revealed

The Emmy-winning The Office had some iconic episodes and scenes in both its British original BBC version and American NBC adaptation. The series ended years ago, but its legacy has made its mark and continues to inspire people to put a stapler in Jello-O.

However, Canadian free-to-play group LEAF Mobile Inc. is working with their subsidiary group East Side Games, Inc. and Universal’s Games and Digital Platforms to bring The Office back to our lives with the announcement of their new mobile game, The Office: Somehow We Manage. They are developing the game and setting to release the mobile game sometime this year.

The Office
Image: LEAF Mobile

Start your own office

“The game is reflective of the show’s signature humor, quirky characters, and memorable storylines, and will deliver an exciting interactive experience for players to enjoy for a long time to come,” says Jim Molinets, VP of Production, Universal and Digital Platforms. In The Office: Somehow We Manage, you can start your own office and still relive some memorable episodes from all the nine seasons of the show.

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The in-game ‘Special Events’ option will let the player experience the new versions of characters and more memorable moments. You can also earn ‘In-Game Cash’ and ‘Rewards’ and even start managing the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office with the help of the whole team before the end of this year.

The Office
Image: LEAF Mobile

Fans can start anticipating the mobile game’s launch by attending The Office Experience happening on October 15, 2021, in Chicago. During this event, fans can celebrate their love of The Office — the American adaptation, mind you — with the game developers at an interactive live event. The event will be curated by Superfly X, Universal Live Entertainment, and in consultation with the brilliant mind who adapted the show, Greg Daniels.

Jim Molinets, VP of Production, Universal Games and Digital Platforms, expressed his excitement in bringing back The Office through the game, saying that it “demonstrates our commitment to offering new and authentic ways to engage with one of the most celebrated TV comedies of all time.” Interested mobile gamers can put this on their list to play as it’s set to launch in late 2021.

Photo credits: The images are owned by LEAF Mobile and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: Penn Live / Press Release from LEAF Mobile

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