New GE "Brilliant Factory" Location Will Be Welland in Ontario


1024-General_Electric-GE-Logo-PNG-Large-High-QualityMississauga, Canada, June 1, 2016: People already knew that GE Canada was already going to have a Brilliant Factory but having it in Welland (Ontario) is an interesting choice. Welland is no stranger to tech by any stretch of the imagination and that’s why I think they did a very good job with this selection. It’s certainly a refined option and one that does bring in front some incredible results to say the least.

They will focus on creating the reciprocating engines which are basically the most important piece of engineering for GE Power right now, but there are other things they will focus on as well. For example, they will focus on creating components for compression and power generation, all while focusing on mechanical drive. This is certainly an interesting option and one that does pay off quite nicely thanks to the great attention to detail and focus provided at this particular point.

Having this facility in Canada will offer a combination of industrial machines with some science and analytics that pertain to tech. Having this sort of combination is very interesting and somehow quite impressive to say the least.

Location strategy

However, GE wanted to create the facility in Canada in order to get support from the export credit agency that has a very good record of export financing. This is important for GE because they do need this type of support and honestly I think that coming here is a great thing to do for them. If they work properly and focus on results the experience will definitely be more than impressive for them so all we have to do right now is to wait and see how good the results will be in the end. For the time being it can be very hard to figure out how the move will affect the tech and engineering world because it’s only a matter of time until this will come in effect.

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More jobs for the region

They will create around 150 jobs so the economy will have a great support in this regard but the true benefit is from the boost in tech that will be received from this. That’s what really makes the experience solid and very exciting, which is why people should try and check it out the best way they can. It’s all about trying to find a new way of exploring the world of tech and adding in new innovations in the production process.

I feel that this is a great choice for GE and hopefully their expansion will help their industry a lot. We will have to wait and see for that, but knowing their track record we can expect only great things from them!

About GE

GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

YouTube: A Better Way Forward for Manufacturing

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson
Source: Kim Warburton, Susanne Reichelt (GE)
Editorial notice: The “about” content is prepared by GE and offered for generic PR purposes.

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