Neverthink Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Funny Video Binge-Watching


Have you heard about Neverthink yet? It’s a cool platform for browsing video content based on channels as if you were watching a traditional television station.

Sometimes everybody needs a break. Even when working from home, you have to relax and disconnect somehow, even if it’s just for a moment. Watching funny videos or indulging in footage of cute animals doing funny things surely helps your digital wellbeing, but who makes time for that and then spent the time and first looks for content to watch?

Neverthink (also to be found as “Neverthink: Handpicked Meme‪s‬ 17+”, or “Neverthink: Watch Memes & Funny Videos”) can help with that. They have many channels that act as categories of what sort of content you’d like to watch. You can install the app on your smartphone, smart TV, or just watch in your browser. Personally, I have installed the app on my TV that is connected to Google Home and Alexa, and I can just sit down, kick my legs up, ask my TV to start Neverthink, and it continues to play videos from the same station that you watched the last time around.

What’s on Neverthink meme TV?

So what kind of channels do they have? A little bit of everything, I suppose. I’m a big fan of the Animal channel of theirs and Area 51 for creepy alien stuff, but here’s a list of everything Neverthink offers:

  • Meme Radar
  • The Internet
  • LOL
  • Great Escape
  • Angry Man
  • Burger
  • Meme Beats
  • Zoom
  • .EXE
  • Gamer Moment
  • Learn Something
  • Neverthink Partners
  • Neverthink Originals
  • Weird Toons
  • Rapid Fire
  • Take My Money
  • WTF
  • Instant Regret
  • Meta
  • Perfect Cut Scream
  • Unusual Videos
  • Cringe
  • Memeternet Explorer
  • Animals
  • Caught On Cam
  • Oddly Satisfying
  • Gaming
  • True Crime
  • Documentaries
  • World News
  • Visual Music
  • Art Buffet
  • Time Machine
  • Cursed
  • Random Cool Stuff
  • Area 51

The channels are basically dynamic playlists of moderated content. The videos are often sourced from YouTube, but they also have their own productions to check out. Certainly, you don’t have to use the content as break-fillers. You can use the platform any way you like. You could even just let it run on a projector in the background of a post-COVID-19 party as a humorous backdrop. Or you just watch it on your own for hours and hours. Here’s my warning though, if you found your favorite channel, you might binge a few hours, and if you’re comfy while doing so, it might be hard to stop the lols and d’awwws. 😉

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What’s the Neverthink experience like?

The quality of the videos is oftentimes good, but there can also be some with low quality. If you’re watching on television or computer, naturally, some vertical videos will not look as nice as it does on the phone, but really, it’s not a big deal. The content is usually fresh, and you’re not likely to get a lot of repetition unless you watch Neverthink often and for a long time on each use.

There are some aspects of Nevethink being a social media platform but next to being able to drop comments and share content, this is about it. Users are not able to post content or have a timeline, so some might even rule this out as a candidate for being a social network. Watching videos is the focus here and that’s what Neverthink is good at.

Download the app and check it out

You can download the Neverthink app for iOS, Android, or just check them out in your browser. If you want to have a look at how Neverthink exactly works like first, check our video below. Have fun!

YouTube: Neverthink Meme TV – What’s It Like?

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and was created by Karsten Winegeart.

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Christopher Isak
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