mySugr: Finally Modern UX to Help People with Diabetes


If you are scared about diabetes the best thing you can do is to certainly monitor it the best way you can. That’s what really matters the most to be honest and with that in mind the mySugr apps are here to offer you all the help and guidance that you need.

What makes the mySugr app stand out is the fact that not only can you get it on any type of iOS and Android device, it also works with web users as well.

It basically integrates all the info that you need in order to keep diabetes at bay and it does a really good job at helping you obtain a stellar outcome with a small time investment.

Basically, you get to figure out if you deviate during the day with any type of food and so on, which can be challenging and sometimes very bad for your health.

Using the mySugr is also interesting because it helps you understand all the diabetes related data and the sugar level info that you didn’t knew you should monitor.

The app does a great job at tracking the estimated A1c, as well as the CGM data, and BGs. Honestly all this info is very important if you want to stay healthy and mySugr does a great job in offering both accuracy and a great way to access it.

The app not only manages to look great, but it also works great as well and it helps you understand this info whenever you want and have to access it.

It also features a great way to track the evolution of diabetes and the sugar levels of your body even if you don’t have diabetes. That’s what makes mySugr a solid tool and maybe one of the best options on the market. It’s just refined and so nice to use that you will enjoy the experience to say the least.

The mySugr team

There are some additional diabetes tools that you can access from them which include a dedicated educational tool, a quiz app which is quite useful and easy to use, not to mention a reliable scanner that will send blood glucose readings from the meter right into the logbook.

The latter app makes it easy to remove the messy cables and instead it makes the experience more refined, just as you want it to be.

Dedicated web apps can be found on as well, which helps you filly understand the scope of the app and also harness all of its benefits in a reliable and professional manner. I feel that mySugr is a very helpful tool and one that can easily change lives.


If you want to control your sugar levels or if you have diabetes, this is certainly a great app to use, so just check it out.

YouTube: First steps with the mySugr Diabetes Manager App for iPhone
Photo credit: mySugr

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