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Munich Airport Hosts Exhibition for Smart Solutions of the Future

Munich Airport (MUC) and Bayern Design (stylized as “bayern design“) are currently holding an exhibition to showcase various modern solutions from which some are targetted at consumers, and others are more like a concept of how it’s like to live in a city in the future.

All the solutions introduced have been designed by people or companies that are coming from the state of Bavaria in southern Germany. Placing such a technology exhibition at the airport, Munich airport’s terminal 2 to be exact, is, of course, an exciting way of making sure to get a most international audience.

What did they prepare for the audience?

When visiting this exhibition, you can check interesting smart home tech such as the intelligent Home Connect refrigerator by Bosch, which connects to a smartphone app. Using the app, one could then check into the internal camera to see what’s in and what you might need when buying groceries.

But not only for a connected home, but also for the globetrotters they have something. The CHRONOGY sunglasses by Osram can simulate natural daylight, which aims at making it easier for flight passengers to relax, and it might even help to overcome jet lag.

Bosch Home Connect Exhibition Smart Home Fridge With Smartphone App Connectivity IoT Camera
Bosch Home Connect Fridge

One other exciting project is about streetlights that will be able to measure air pollution in future cities. Levering connected sensors and similar IoT devices will help to prepare more meaningful reports for governments that will aid them to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Press representatives of Munich Airport have confirmed to us, “The exhibits will be on display in the exhibition space in the south departure area of Terminal 2 until September 11, 2019. Exhibitions on the themes of “Discoverers” and “Smart Living” will follow.” If you’re traveling and going to be in the area, make sure to check them out and see what the future might bring us.

Photo credit: The images have been provided to us by Airport Munich for press purposes.

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