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Moonlite: Smartphone Story-Time Projector to Illustrate Your Tales

Connecting with your kids has never been easier than it is today, with all the technological advancements we are witnessing. Among them, one stands out in particular. We’re talking about Moonlite, a storytime projector you only need your smartphone to turn on and enjoy imaginary characters and their adventures.

What is Moonlite?

Combining traditional storybooks and modern technology, Moonlite allows you and your children to connect with the help of HD projections, top-grade sound effects, and more. What’s more,  it comes with a read-along feature to make the entire experience more interactive. Just attach a Moonlite clip to your phone, and enjoy.


How it works

First, slide one of Moonlite’s many story reels into the projector. Then, attach the projector clip to the phone. The projector stays attached firmly to your phone thanks to the nano-suction material. The clip is designed to work with most smartphones. Lastly, open the app, which you can download from Google Play or Apple app store. And that’s it, you can now begin projecting vivid storybook images. Easy-peasy.

Moonlite features

Every Moonlite kit includes a projector, story reels, and an activation code card. The website has all the instructions for a frictionless experience with this cool gadget.


Stories are activated with a 10-digit activation code which accompanies the kit. Each story reel slides easily into the projector. Moreover, the projector has a lens which you can turn clockwise or counterclockwise to focus the image it projects, should you find yourself with a blurry image.

The app itself has numerous features such as turning pages, adjusting projection brightness, turning sound effects on/off, turning background music on/off, and of course, sharing stories with other family members. You can purchase new stories from the store within the app.

YouTube: Moonlite 2017 Web Trailer Final

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