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Mood Metrics: DailyPulse Captures Work Vibes

When you own a company one of the most important things you need to take care of is keeping your team happy, as that is surely crucial. As long as they are happy in regards to their duties, the workplace and the salaries, they will surely enjoy it.

This is why being able to track the satisfaction rate of your staff is surely very important, but while in theory this is a very good idea, no one thought about a way to implement this in real life, until now. Celpax provides a device called DailyPulse, created to track the employee mood in an easiest way so business owners can understand the team engagement.


Rebecca Lundin

DailyPulse is basically a simple device that is usually placed at the exit from the room and which asks only a single question, which is: How was your day? You just press the Red or Green button and that’s it.

The full results for this can be accessed from an online dashboard, which lets you check out the overall mood level, the current mood stage and the mood for this week. In addition, you will also be able to check the mood activity for a certain period of time and access a lot of other information that would be hard to gain otherwise.

DailyPulse is an innovative way to find out something which, until now, was simply unavailable to employers, and that is tracking the overall mood in their company. Bad mood in the business environment can easily cause disasters when it comes to the overall productivity and financial results, this is why you do need to make sure that you install such a device and instruct your employees to use it when they leave the door.


What makes Celpax DailyPulse really special is that all data is anonymous and that helps employees express how they truly feel about a specific day or the company’s work environment.

The results from the dashboard are useful in spotting trends, giving you early signals when morale drops, while also providing a way for ongoing temp check, which is really important. Also, you are able to get alerts at all times when the mood levels have a certain value or go under it.


Having only two buttons is great as it just requires employees to press the one they want and that’s it. Simplicity will actually encourage your employees to use DailyPulse, and they can even use it to send you a message that something needs to be changed in the work environment in order for the workflow to function better and for productivity to increase.

Mood Metrics and KPI

Insights into mood metrics unlocked by DailyPulse not only allow for a general feel of how the staff is doing but enables management information when combined with other metrics.

The monthly DailyPulse results can for example be compared to the sales performance and often patterns are revealing the connectivity between performance and employee happiness in either direction.Dashboard-DailyPulse-Employee_Mood

Team leaders and service managers are able to comprehend the team’s mood and can therefore improve their way of leading on a daily base. DailyPulse is a nice interface to provide staff with an instant means to signal how they felt about a certain event. If negative ratings persist, it is time to intervene and drill down into the issues there might be before they surface as a larger issue.


In the end, DailyPulse is a great tool for the HR department as it allows them to find what employees think about the work environment and how they can improve it. That being said, this device will surely become very popular as more and more companies are starting to use it. The benefits a company can have from it are tremendous, and immediately cover the expenses, which is impressive. This is why we recommend you visit http://www.celpax.com/ and get your free unit today. The data plans they offer are very affordable as well, so if you like how the free unit performs you can easily and quickly order more.

And hey, if you like what we do, help us spread the word: http://celpax.com/how-you-can-help/

This article has been a team effort. Thanks to the Celpax and the TechAcute Team for the great help.

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    • Hm, we have some workplaces where over 80% press red every day. That’s not a sign of a great culture, still people make the effort of pressing to send a signal “up”.

      So far we haven’t had a case (although it might happen!) where people stop pressing because things are so bad. What we noticed in the companies where the Daily Pulse wasn’t the right solution for them, is that the number of pulses fall under 10% after half a year when leaders don’t give feedback.

      So if companie aren’t prepared to make a minimum effort to share and do something with the red-green results, well, then maybe real-time employee mood isn’t for them. And hey, that’s OK too 🙂

    • Hi Razheem, we only recently started offering 1 free device per company and are overwhelmed by the response so far 🙂 It has helped us reach a lot of new countries/industries and users, which means that our system gets even better at analyzing = an investment worth a lot to us. We’re also a small company, so it’s actually turning out cheaper for us to send free devices than to hire sales people.

      We hope that enough DailyPulse users like what we do enough to back us at some stage! You also need to go premium if you want more devices (if you have 2 offices you would like to compare for exampes) or several exit doors, so we hope we have found the right mix for our company. Ask me again in a year 🙂

  1. I would like to read more about this. Are there any techacute whitepapers on dailypulse that are unbiased? Maybe user experiences? Success stories? I know Rebecca is from that company but would it be possible to have another feature here?

    • Hi Jerry, at Celpax we’re big fans of transparency, I would be happy to put you in contact with any of the people that are currently using our DailyPulse device (it’s not for everyone, sometimes we’ve seen that it doesn’t work out).

      I’ve written some customer stories under http://www.celpax.com/learn, but of course that is ME telling their stories so it’s still biased 🙂


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