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Monitor Websites More Efficiently with Distill

Over the past few years, businesses have been more aware of the importance of internet presence. Being able to update their customers is just one of the things that they need to do in able to maintain awareness, however that’s as much as they can do.

Social media platforms help keep you updated, but being updated to changes in a website is different. More often than not, you would have to go to the website yourself to check out what’s new.

This is where Distill comes in. The extension is basically able to keep you up-to-date with the latest thing that pops up in a website. This also means that you won’t need to keep your eyes glued to one website just to know if there are any changes.

Stay in the know

Much like its namesake, Distill can help boil down which part of a website you want to be updated on. In fact, you can use it to know price changes on certain items or if there’s a new product out. This could help you get the bargain you want without having to stay awake for it. 

The extension allows you to go about your day until changes are made to the website you follow. Once there’s an update, the app will notify you through notifications, emails, SMS, or other apps. It also helps that it can keep track of several websites for you and you can check them via the cloud.

While there are other website checkers out there, they more or less pick up even the smallest of updates that are not even relevant to what you really want. However, Distill allows you to pick out certain areas in a website and let you know when those areas change. This also avoids receiving notifications about irrelevant updates done on the website.

The extension can show you all the websites you’re interested in on a single feed. It is also able to provide you a previous version of the website. Aside from that, you can customize the timeframe of when you want to be notified.

There’s a lot more that’s available in this extension. Ultimately, Distill could be an indispensable tool for people who need updates all the time. This includes researching new findings in a website, news, or the like. It is also helpful in knowing new items on your favorite store or know when there’s a limited time bargain.

You can download Distill for free with the most basic of functions available. However, if you want to experience it in its fullest, you can opt for the paid version, starting at $9 per month. Distill is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It is also undergoing beta-testing on Android and iOS for paid customers.

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