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Mojo Vision Reveals AR Contact Lenses

Technological advancements that seemed to live only in science fiction are coming into reality, and we’re living in it. From meeting rooms to mobile gaming, companies are continuously finding ways to make use of augmented reality.

Now, a company called Mojo Vision has been keeping itself under the radar. However, they recently surfaced to announce to the world that their new product, the Mojo Lens, which will change the way you’ll see the world.

Mojo Lens

Developing the lens

The Mojo Lens markets itself as the very first AR contact lens. It provides its users with useful, day-to-day data with just a single glance. This includes aiding people with visual impediments and even assist in a real-life crisis.

In an interview with FastCompany, Mojo Vision revealed that they were silently working on the Mojo Lens as early as 2017. They are aiming for “invisible computing”, a concept that brings AR to the user without any obtrusive hardware. For each year, they have had steady progress with various prototypes.

They are currently prioritizing its availability as a visual assistance tool for people with varying kinds of degeneration in the retina. However, they do have plans for a consumer release eventually.

Mojo Lens

Possibilities for everyday use

They gave some possible applications to be put in for consumer release. These could include displaying where you parked your car or showing an arrow towards your Uber driver. It’s possible for it to provide live video feed of house cameras at a command. The possibilities are endless.

The Mojo Lens, although still in heavy prototyping and development, could easily become the piece of technology that defines future generations. It certainly does spark an interest in other easily accessible AR products. So be sure to mark it on your list and keep up to date with any news from Mojo Vision’s team.

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Mojo Vision and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: Mojo Vision press release / Mark Sullivan (FastCompany)

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