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Pretty but Pricey: Modular 45 Smartwatch by TAG Heuer

Brunnen, Switzerland / San Francisco – US, March 14 — For people who want a proper watch-brand timepiece on their wrist, rather than some tacky tech brand, the choice is growing. TAG Heuer’s second generation piece is here, an update to the original Connected range that retails from £2,250-£2999 in the UK.

The Connected Modular 45 range adds more customization options with the ability to change the smart module for a mechanical watch, plus a growing variety of materials and colors. There are five materials on offer for the face including aluminum, ceramic, rose gold, diamond and that old favorite, steel.

What’s inside?

Inside the finely crafted case is an Atom Z34XX processor, 4GB RAM, Wifi, Bluetooth, plus NFC and GPS, all under a 1.39-inch sapphire glass AMOLED display. Prices start at £1,400 in the UK and top out at around £14,000 for a limited edition titanium model.

That makes it a full smartwatch, with less reliance on the phone, and also means that it supports Android Pay support so you can tap to pay at any fine-dining establishments you take your watch on dates to.


With full water resistance up to 50 meters, you can take it places you wouldn’t take your smartphone. The watch company is claiming a day’s battery life, but as with the Apple Watch, no one seems to appreciate that you might be away from a power source for more than a day or two.

With the smartwatch market failing to excite that many users, TAG Heuer will be hoping to attract the modern buyer, but clearly, this is a product that isn’t going mass market anytime soon. Do let us know if you’re enjoying the smartwatch life.

Leadership insight

The first generation of the TAG Heuer Connected pushed the boundary of what is possible when you combine traditional watchmaking and cutting-edge technology,” said David Singleton, Vice President of Android Engineering at Google. “We’re excited to work with TAG Heuer again to create a new powerful connected watch that demonstrates the ongoing innovation of TAG Heuer’s craftsmanship and the Android Wear platform.”

YouTube: Modular 45 Smartwatch by Tag Heuer

Photo credit: Tag Heuer
Source: Marine Lemonnier-Brennan (Tag Heuer) / Nicole Smith (Intel) / Google
Editorial notice: The quote was provided as part of a press release.

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