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Microsoft Kaizala is a New Mobile Chat Solution for Work

Every now and then, Microsoft likes to surprise us with innovations to make their services better and our lives easier. The most recent one is Microsoft Kaizala – a cool new mobile chat and productivity app.

This phone-number based app allows users to connect and coordinate across networks. These include organizations, partners, suppliers, customers, vendors, and other related connections. You only need a phone number and the app on your iOS or Android device to be good to go.

Introducing Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala now accompanies Office 365 and facilitates the quick and easy sharing of documents, photos, and videos. You’re probably asking yourself “don’t we already have something like that? Like Microsoft Teams?”


Just like Teams, Kaizala allows companies to manage and customize groups, as well as message their colleagues. It also enables gathering useful data about the workforce and access Office 365 apps. However, this is where the similarities between Teams and Kaizala end.

First off, Kaizala requires a phone number registration instead of a password or username. Furthermore, it has open APIs that allow organizations to give contractors and temporary employees access to required services without having a corporate account. This also brings shift management into Teams which is great for colleagues with different working hours.


Aside from those, Kaizala supplements Teams through built-in apps like polls, surveys, training, and more. Its platform allows the automation of your workflows with Office 365, integrating it to other apps such as SharePoint, Flow, Excel, and Power BI.

You can also manage users and groups with the Kaizala Management Portal which can define and assign group policies, enforce the Azure Active Directory sign-in, and other things. There are also extra features available that can be taken advantage of to manage employees and customers like announcements, employee and customer feedbacks, quizzes, attendance checks, etc.


Microsoft Kaizala is available for download on iOS and Android. You can try it out for free or opt to pay for Kaizala Pro.

Youtube: Microsoft Kaizala: Keep Your Business Connected

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Brooke Cagle. The images in the body of the article are from the featured website and owned by Microsoft.
Sources: Heather Gordon (Microsoft Kaizala Blog) / Microsoft News Center

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