Microsoft Garage’s "Dictate" Lets You Write Text with Your Voice


Microsoft LogoThis new Microsoft app will write a Word doc for you in 20 languages- Meet Dictate. For some time we are witnesses of the new Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends. Leading companies don’t waste time, and within a few years, we could welcome brand new way of how we live, work and use tech gadgets.

After AI assistants such as Siri and Cortana, we have made first steps of how we use our smartphones, but when it comes to a computer, physical work on the keyboard was still very much on, until recently.

You were probably already there, imagine that moment when you don’t have to type all the homework, studies, and PowerPoint slides, and just give your computer some typing orders. We are almost there.

Using Dictate with new speech recognition technology

The brand new app was announced on Microsoft’s blog, and it’s simply called – Dictate. What does it do? You can use voice commands to add punctuation, new lines, and some editing and formatting features – such as deleting or removing the written, or test the AI’s accuracy with an auto-punctuation feature, wrote Mashable.


Furthermore, Dictate can do transcription in 20 languages and translations of over 60 languages in real time, Microsoft claims.

However, it is still an experimental project that came from Microsoft’s idea factory called – Microsoft Garage. They say that Dictate is the next level speech recognition system used by Cortana to transcribe your words in Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.

Pilot tests are running

So far this program has been used by more than 1,500 of the company’s employees in over 40 countries. According to Mashable, Microsoft has also announced that its speech recognition software was as accurate as humans earlier this year — but that system hasn’t been introduced to its programs just yet.

If you have that boring school work to type, try this app, and enjoy this awesome future, which is already here. The future of open office space, however, might get noisy.

In the feature image you can see the Microsoft Garage team that is working on Dictate. Top Row: Anirudh Koul, Anand Desai, Eren Song, Prabhav Agrawal, Ayush Sharma; Over Skype – Derik Stenerson

YouTube: Dictate, a Microsoft Garage project

Photo credit: Microsoft
Source: Athima Chansanchai (Microsoft Blog) / Brett Williams (Mashable)

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