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Changing Fossil Ownership from Private to Public Hands with NFTs

Humankind has always been astounded by the fossils of the behemoths that came before us in the form of dinosaurs, the most prominent and famous of those is the Tyrannosaurus rex or T-Rex. Now Metarex wants to turn that history into the future and unveils its whitepaper to make these fossils publicly available with the new T-Rex NFT collection.

What sets this apart from other NFTs is that Metarex will use the profits made from the project to purchase a real T-rex skeleton. The skeleton will be placed under the care of a museum for academic research and the general public.

Image: Metarex

Making fossils available through NFTs

Despite its rarity, T-Rex fossils have increasingly fallen into private hands in recent years. Those wealthy enough can buy these specimen for themselves. However, this makes it very hard for students and paleontologists to study or research them.

With the T-Rex NFT collection project, there’s a possibility to see that trend shift and help researchers gain access to these artifacts. COO and co-founder of Metarex, Edwin Mata, shared the potential of the project as “groundbreaking, considering how rare these fossils are, as there are only 32 Tyrannosaurus rex left in the world.”

Image: Metarex

Another upside is for all the crypto enthusiasts who can participate in this grand plan while also owning a piece of ancient history — 0.10% of the purchased bone, to be exact. Many children dream of owning their own dinosaur, and with this project, their dreams may come true, sort of.

The official sale for these NFTs is supposed to take place in mid-December. The collection includes 59,000 NFTs, dividing the ownership for the 58 bones of the original T-rex skeleton. This particular fossil has more than 45% completion of its original bones, which helps it surpass the 20% standard of many museums. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening in the NFT space, but this project by far is the coolest thing to come out of NFTs yet.

YouTube: Enter the MetaRex, the first collection of NFTs representing real T. Rex Bones

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Solstice Hannan. All other images are owned by Metarex and have been provided for press usage.

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