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Meet the Tap Strap: A Cool New Wearable Keyboard

Tap is a neat little gadget that was created with a simple purpose, and that is to offer you a great way to have a keyboard anywhere you want to go. It works even while you are on the road and you can use it on any surface that you can place your hand on.

That’s what makes Tap great, the fact that it’s a truly portable experience and it also helps you obtain a much better way to interact with the world! Each tap will allow you to turn the tactile world around you into a keyboard. It’s a very easy to understand process and the results that you can obtain here are very good.

It’s nice to see that you can actually obtain such capabilities fast, and that’s where the apps come into play. The website for this device offers you multiple apps that you can use and this does customize the capabilities that you can access. Believe it or not, this actually works with a variety of tools that range from smartphones and tablets to computers, in fact this also works with smart TV stations as well.

I saw that Tap generated a lot of buzz online but now I see why. It’s a very easy to use product and it makes the interaction with the world around you a lot better and easier as well. It’s really nice to see the great user experience you can obtain from using this and in the end it’s just a ton of fun to use it.


They continually try to add in a variety of new apps to help you interact with the environment faster and better, but as a design this Tap tool certainly has no other match on the market. The great attention to quality, detail and interesting results that it can offer clearly make it stand out, which is why I do recommend it as a great, solid tool for you to use.

You should try it whenever you can as the Tap tool is very portable and you can take it with you anywhere. It works this way thanks to some embedded sensors that will automatically monitor hand movement. It will also focus on the finger movement too, making it a lot easier and more precise to track all this type of movement without any problem.

It’s nice to see that such a device exists because it just makes interaction a lot better and easier. It’s certainly one of the easiest to use gadgets and it does manage to deliver a very good user experience. If you are a fan of typing and want a better way to type, Tap can really pay off!

YouTube: This is Tap

Photo credit: Tap Systems

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