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MedTime SAFE Helps Prevent Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has started to become a common thing, at least 1in 20 persons admits that he/she takes painkillers often in order to cope with any medical issues they encounter. Yet getting an overdose is quite common as well unfortunately, and this is why people have to make sure that they access a great experience all around, and that’s what makes the e-pill MedTime SAFE a very interesting solution to all of these issues.

This is a product created by a Boston based company named Medication Reminders and their main purpose was to provide an improved, professional and tamper proof automatic pill dispenser. This product was designed in order to deliver patients the necessary amount of medicine that they would need in order to get the best possible experience, all while maintaining their proper treatment.

What the e-pill MedTime SAFE does is that it offers medication assisted maintenance treatment programs in order to administer the necessary pill at the designated time.

What I get from this is that unlike other medication dispensers that can easily allow you to get your pills for the other days in the calendar, e-pill MedTime SAFE is designed specifically to avoid such a thing, instead it keeps everything under a lock and key so that you can stay safe and avoid any situations when you take too much medication.


This particular medical dispenser is very good  because not only does it allow you to access only your medication for that specific day, but it also delivers a great experience all around as it has plenty of locks to make sure that you get your pills only when they are needed. It can be placed anywhere in your home and you can use it without a problem, something that does make the entire experience refined and truly useful especially for those persons that have to administer lots of pills per week.

I honestly think that this type of medical dispensary should be used all over the world, because not only people in the US and Canada have to deal with this sort of issues, instead plenty of other users encounter this medical problem on a daily basis. If this will be a successful initiative, we might be facing a global expansion of the product, which to be honest would be quite an interesting and helpful achievement.

If the results will be great or not in the long run, I guess that only time can tell, all we can do now is wait, hopefully the outcome will be a lot better as time passes and people will figure out that overdosing is wrong. But until that time comes it might take quite a while, so the recommended option here is to check out this amazing product immediately, you will not be disappointed by it for sure!

YouTube: Tamperproof e-pill MedTime SAFE Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser multiple locks

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