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Robot-Cubes That Can Self-Assemble: One Step Closer to the Replicators [Video]

Did you ever watch the Replicators from Stargate (TV show) and wonder if those robots could be built in real instead of being only science fiction material? They might actually become a reality.

The video that we wanted to share with you today is from 2013 but what it shows is still highly interesting. There are robotic cubes that can self-assemble, communicate, and coordinate. The MIT calls them M-Blocks and while they have no external moving parts, they are still able to climb over one another, leap through the air or roll over the ground.

Find out more about the M-Blocks here: http://news.mit.edu/2013/simple-scheme-for-self-assembling-robots-1004

YouTube: Small cubes that self-assemble

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by M. Scott Brauer for the MIT. The video was shot by Melanie Gonick for MIT News.
Source: Larry Hardesty (MIT News Office)

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