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Matterport Raises $48m to Unlock Inclusive Access to 3D Technology

Matterport-Logo.png?resize=200%2C56&ssl=1The perks of 3D technology may no longer be unattainable for Regular Joe and Jane like you and me. The exciting new development comes to us from Matterport, a 3D/VR media technology company from Sunnyvale, California.

Matterport just landed their Series D and secured $48m to develop an end-to-end system for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating 3D and VR versions of real places on web and mobile. And now they bring us Matterport Cloud 3.0.


What is Matterport Cloud 3.0?

In short, it is a subscription-based platform that puts 3D capture in the hands of businesses and individuals around the globe. In other words,

Matterport already has some pretty cool products that will harness the power of the new cloud software platform. Such is their flagship Pro2 camera. Joined with Cloud 3.0, the camera will transform panoramic and 360-degree imagery from spheric lens cameras into Matterport 3D – entirely immersive 3D models.


Matterport plans to make this possible with its AI engine called Cortex. Cortex uses machine learning algorithms on the basis of a dataset consisting of billions of 3D data points. Cortex possesses a three-dimensional intelligence with the capability to understand objects, rooms, and all the intricacies of a certain space. Additionally, it can automatically choose the best-composed photographs and label specific rooms on a floor plan.

When will it be available and how much will it cost?

Matterport’s new 3.0 software suite includes Cloud 3.0, Workshop 3.0, Showcase 3.0 and SDK, and Capture App 3. Third-party 360 camera owners will be able to get it under a $9.99 “Starter” subscription package and a free trial. They can request access via the company’s website.

Matterport Example

If you don’t have either Pro 2 or Pro 2 Lite 3D camera, they are now available for $2,995 and $1,995 respectively. Both early adopters and existing users will be able to test Cloud 3.0 in March 2019.

YouTube: Matterport Pro 3D Camera – Scanning on Site for 3D Real Estate

Photo source: All media used has been provided by Matterport for press usage.
Source: Matterport press release / Crunchbase deal site

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