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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Ultimate Throwback to the Renowned Sci-Fi Game Series

May 2021 marked the return of a legendary game that took us by storm in 2007. Mass Effect Legendary Edition features the characters that have been loved and adored by players of the original game series, with upgraded graphics and character features that are much more refined as compared to how they looked in the original gameplay. Mass Effect is now bringing out new guns to compete with newer games of this decade.

Do You Need To Play The Original Series Before Playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Since this new version is a remastered version of the Mass Effect series, the biggest question is: do you need to have played the original games before venturing on to the Legendary Edition? Not really. I’m putting it that way since there’s a divided opinion as to whether playing the Mass Effect series is a must for you to enjoy the next-gen remake.

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“There’s never been a better opportunity to experience the epic story of the original trilogy, whether you’re new to the franchise, or looking to replay it for the 10th time,” said Mac Walters, Project Director on the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and lead writer of the original trilogy at BioWare. “This isn’t just a passion project for our team at BioWare, it’s something we know the fans have wanted for a very long time, and we’ve dedicated all of our efforts to make sure every enhancement we’ve made to this iconic journey feels like Mass Effect. We could not be more excited to share this moment with our fans around the world and look forward to hearing their personal stories as Shepard again.”

For millennials who have grown up playing the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, playing the original game series is a given to fully appreciate the improvements/enhancements that BioWare and EA have brought. It’s definitely reminiscent for those who have played the Mass Effect series in the late 2000s. 

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It’s technically the trilogy itself, but with additional DLC and armory selection not featured in the originals. While it is great to have played the Mass Effect series prior to starting Legendary Edition, it’s not extremely necessary, and you will still have the story pretty much lined up even without having played the series. Generation Z gamers don’t really need to scour the net for the Mass Effect series before they can enjoy this new edition. If you are curious as to how a Mass Effect game is prior to jumping to the Legendary Edition, here’s a review of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s gameplay. The storyline isn’t directly related, but it takes place in the Mass Effect realm and is worth trying out.

There are more good news for you. Just this week, this title is now available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. So hop on to your game consoles and play now. As Shepard says, “Nobody ever fell in love without being a little bit brave.” Whether you have played before or not, it’s an exhilarating adventure that will take you to far ends of space and more.

YouTube: Mass Effect Legendary Edition vs. Original Trilogy | Direct Comparison

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