How Marinesto Aims to Make Vegetables Easy and Delicious


Marinesto launched their webstore today with the claim “marinesto – the veggie revolution” and that was reason enough not only to report about it but to check a little deeper into the story of Marinesto and how it all came to be. So let’s talk about Marinesto, where they came from, and what they plan to do.

Ena Giebel is the co-founder of Marinesto (also stylized as “marinesto”), a startup that manufactures marinades specifically to make it easy to turn vegetables into amazingly tasting meals quickly and stress-free. Ena’s experiences in the tech and enterprise world have given her a lot of know-how and she used that to drive her ambitions outside of tech and make people eat more vegetables that they will love. The Marinesto marinades make it easy and quick to make a healthy and delicious meal. I had the pleasure to talk with her recently about how it all started.

What does Marinesto do?

Ena’s experience in the tech industry has been incredibly helpful in driving Marinesto forward. Ena is extremely passionate about her work, and it shows in the product that Marinesto produces. The marinades are quick and easy to use, making it simple for anyone to make a delicious and healthy meal. Ena’s goal is to make it easy for people to eat more vegetables, and she is well on her way to achieving that.

Marinated soy steaks with ”peanut tango” with salad - Marinesto Example
Marinated soy steaks with ”peanut tango” and salad (Image: Marinesto)

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy way to get your vegetable intake up, Marinesto sounds like a good solution. While tasty vegetables are very common in many countries in Asia, the truth is that in many western countries vegetables are often disregarded as a necessary evil to get some nutrition into the body, but culturally vegetables aren’t a focal point of the local cuisine.

Ena’s story that drives Marinesto

The idea of Marinesto is to provide people with a powerful marinade that allows everyone to prepare delicious vegetables in no time. Listening to Ena’s story I found it very impressive how she managed to find the time to complete her studies, excel at her day job, and to co-found a startup to pursue her ambitions and dreams. But enough from me for now, here are some thoughts from Ena.

Ena Giebel - Co-founder of Marinesto - Marinade for Veggies
Ena Giebel, Co-founder of Marinesto (Image: Marinesto)

“Hi everyone! You probably wonder why this food start-up story is launched on a tech blog.  Let me tell you why. I started my career in finance, not just studying finance, but also working for Germany’s largest bank for almost six years. Even though I worked for a bank and studied finance, I primarily worked in project management roles, and for the last two years of my banking career and I was globally responsible for two software implementation programs.

So, working in the finance industry meant for me working in software implementation. That’s why my heart beats for tech. At the same time, I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen for almost my entire life. It has been a hobby and a way of balancing my work-life and also where I found my place for creativity. Since I am following a plant-based diet, I always tried new ways of creating delicious vegetable-based meals. Two years ago, I started developing marinades, just for my own use.

Marinesto - Products - Peanut Tango - Tahine Lime - Tomato Cheesy - Veggie Marinades
The three marinades which we are launching first, with more to come (Image: Marinesto)

My husband loved the new way we were eating veggies so much, that he asked for it every day, basically. I then started making meals with the marinades for friends and family dinners. As the compliments and requests for the recipes piled up, it was clear to me that other people had to enjoy them too. And now here we are – Marinesto was founded in January 2022, launched regionally in July 2022, and now launching the webshop in August 2022.

I have a strong belief, that eating vegetables is not just healthy for you, but also for the planet. With Marinesto, it’s super easy, fast, and delicious to eat veggies. You will love it for sure. Since we define Marinesto as a value-driven company, we put sustainability, innovation, transparency, integrity, and humanity first. Most tech companies I know want to have the same impact and are driven by similar or even the same values. This is why I am a female in tech and food and in my opinion, this goes perfectly hand-in-hand.”

Closing thoughts

Even if you’re not following a vegetarian or vegan diet, I think too, that it’s always a good idea to make good food taste good. Not everybody knows how they can prepare their meals but with Marinesto, it’s easily done. As of now, you can find the Marinesto marinades in a few selected stores in Germany, but the Marinesto webshop has been launched today. Stay tuned to see more from them and try it out if you can.

Photo credit: All images shown have been provided to us by Marinesto and are used with permission.

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