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MapleStory 2 US Release Announced

MapleStory 2 the sequel to massively successful MapleStory will finally be getting a US release. Nexon America announced that the release would be October 10, 2018. The game has been in a closed beta for the past three months in preparation for release.

The Mushking Royale Pre-Season

This standalone, Battle-Royale mode introduced into MapleStory 2 will be the first taste many players can get of the game prior to its launch. Mushking Royal Pre-season spans August 22 – October 1, 2018. This event will allow players to create their characters and reserve names prior to the launch of the game.

Mushking Royal Pre-Season will feature a squad mode where four people can join up and enter team battles. Players will also have access to a number of new items as well as be able to pull up their stats as they gain rewards, level up and build their characters.

Also worth noting is that the top players of the Pre-Season from the various regions will qualify for free Founder’s Packs.

MapleStory 2 will be introducing a new class named the Runeblade. There will be 12 new dungeons and a significant amount of new and exciting content. Halloween and Thanksgiving events are already scheduled alongside regular events and updates throughout the year. Furthermore, the level cap will be increased from 60-70, opening up new possibilities for MapleStory 2’s end game.

Players who want to try out the game simply have to download MapleStory 2 from the Nexon Launcher.


Founder’s Packs now Available

Nexon has announced a “Head Start Period” during which players who have purchased a Founder’s Pack will be able to play the game as early as October 1. Aside from being able to start playing earlier, players who purchase a founder’s pack will receive a Premium Club Membership, exclusive items, and a cache of Merets.  Nexon has an FAQ for Founder’s Packs as well as a list of options on their website.

YouTube: MapleStory 2 Official Announce Trailer

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