Manage Your Projects and Team in One Platform with Upbase


The traditional work office where people with suits spend their whole day sitting in front of a computer and having meetings seems like a thing of the past. The way we work today is not the same as it was a decade ago; it is evolving, and we are finding new ways to make our lives easier.

Nowadays, work office has migrated to remote work, where employers can have a team completing all their tasks anywhere and anytime. This allows employees to work right in the comforts and safety of their homes. Remote working also represents an advantage for employers because they save economical resources normally used during the pre-pandemic era such as paying rent and other office maintenance.

However, remote working is not perfect and it comes with a few challenges for both employers and employees have to face if they want to succeed in remote working. These challenges are directly related to organization and proper management of time, meeting deadlines, making sure all tasks are fully complete, and improving working performance and effectiveness.

That’s why today we rely on several tools that help remote workers to organize and manage properly all tasks. One project management tool available is Upbase, an all-in-one platform for team collaboration. It helps bring together tasks, files, and discussions all in one place, striking the perfect balance between features and simplicity.

Upbase Features

Upbase is designed to organize, prioritize, and do all work within one platform. This tool is perfect if you want your team to be working on the same page and be updated on the progress each one is making on their respective tasks. It allows you to:

  • Sync tasks across lists: People can view the same task in multiple lists, without the need to duplicate it.
  • Have recurring due dates: This function it’s perfect for tasks that repeat themselves regularly.
  • Designate tasks to multiple assignees: With this feature, users can assign more than one person to a single task for the task to be completed faster.

Upbase has a work schedule where you can plan your week according to your pending tasks, priorities, assignees, and even review your work of the day for you to see the daily performance of your teamwork. It also allows you to create beautiful files like notes, wikis, or other types of knowledge base to help coworkers to be involved in the entire working session and feel integrated into the team. Here, you can share and store information in several formats for your team to review any document when needed.

Aside from that, Upwork also can act as a communication tool. If you are currently not assigned to any new tasks, you can still keep track of every work conversation while using the platform to communicate with your teammates. It also has private chat windows for you to get real-time chats with any member of the team.

Final Thoughts

Working remotely has its perks, but it might also mean more apps to work with just to get through the work for the day while still keeping up-to-date with everyone else. It can be cumbersome to switch from one app to another, which is why Upbase seems to be a viable tool to use to continue production while communicating with others on one platform.

Upbase is available in early access for free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android. If you want to use its premium functionalities like having unlimited storage and users, the plan will only cost you $7 per month.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Simon Abrams.

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