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How To Make Your Home Office Feel More Like A Home Than An Office

So, you’re working out of your own home office. Isn’t it great? You gain so much freedom when working from home as well as the ability to supervise yourself. And while working from home is beneficial in many ways, you must be self-disciplined to get your work done. After all, you won’t have a boss telling you what to do all the time. A great way to ensure you keep your productivity levels up is by making your home office feel more like a home than an office. Fortunately, there are many great ways to do this.

Tip #1: Keep the temperature at a level that’s best for you

When you work in an actual office, you probably don’t get to control the temperature. One place that you do get to control the temperature setting, however, is in your own home, so take advantage of this. The more comfortable you are with the temperature, the higher your productivity levels will be.

Tip #2: Invest in a treadmill or home gym

One thing that you can do at home and not in the office is workout. That’s right. You can have your very own treadmill or home gym set up in your home office, and on your breaks you can squeeze in a few minutes of exercise. Not only will this make your office feel more like home, but once again, it will go a long way in helping you to sharpen your focus and boost productivity levels.

Tip #3: Throw down a few rugs

Rugs and other types of home decor have a way of bringing warmth to the spaces where they are used. And not only do they add character to a room, but they act as a nice invitation for both you and any clients that come into your home. When it comes to putting a rug in your home office, don’t just pick out any old rug. Make sure to choose one that you will enjoy looking at day in and day out. After all, it’s your home office, so decorate it as you want.

Tip #4: Get you a little beverage nook

Oh, the joys of working from home. You can eat and drink whenever you please, and all you have to do is make sure you’re taking advantage of these benefits. While roaming back and forth to the kitchen every 10 minutes can put a damper on your productivity, as well as add a few extra pounds to your weight, you need to limit yourself to the trips you make. A great way to do this is by having a small refrigerator in your home office. Keep it full of water and natural juices. Both of these beverages are healthy. You could even keep some fruit in it, which make for great, healthy snacks.

Tip #5: Keep the office clean

The same as you clean your house on a regular basis, you also need to clean your home office. De-cluttering it, dusting it and vacuuming on a weekly basis are vital to the work that you’ll be able to complete. Just remember, the more organized your office is, the more comfortable it will be to work in.

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