21 Major AR and VR Acquisitions in the past 12 Months


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are considered by many to be the technology stacks that will largely disrupt not only the entertainment industry but also extend to other industries as well.

All types of innovation that can help us better understand our environment, support us with contextual information or even immerse us into entirely different worlds is more than likely to roll over anything we have in use right now.

Such technologies could have substantial impacts on industrial sectors, in healthcare, as well as education and just about any other type of work or entertainment aspect you could imagine.

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Now, to tell the truth, we are not there yet, but unlike the VR trends from past episodes, now the technology is likely to deliver all the required features. All the interesting stARtups that had a very good idea about how to use AR or VR are getting funded like mad and ultimately getting acquired by larger companies. This not rarely the lifecycle of an idea and often the end of a startup as per the view of a venture capitalist.

21 deals of the last 12 months

We checked in the past 12 months and wanted to find out who bought who to diversify their portfolio or introduce new solutions to the existing portfolio. We found the following 21 acquisitions and prepared the data for you in a table for better viewing. Check them out here, ordered by the announcement date:

Acquired Company Acquiring Company Date of Announcement Price Status
3DPhy.com PropTiger 11-Aug-16 Undisclosed Complete
Secret Location Entertainment One 18-Aug-16 Undisclosed Complete
Kid Neon Images Deloitte 19-Sep-16 Undisclosed Complete
Turnspace HomeAway 19-Sep-16 Undisclosed Complete
BioLucid Sharecare 29-Sep-16 Undisclosed Complete
Nozon Starbreeze 25-Oct-16 €7.1M Complete
VOKE Intel 3-Nov-16 Undisclosed Complete
Grue Games Seismic Games 15-Nov-16 Undisclosed Complete
Cimagine Media Snap Inc. 25-Dec-16 $30M Complete
Impulsonic Valve Software 12-Jan-17 Undisclosed Complete
Amzon (HK) Fireswirl Technologies 3-Feb-17 $7.2M Pending
Dacuda Magic Leap 20-Feb-17 Undisclosed Complete
gestigon Valeo 13-Mar-17 Undisclosed Complete
Arrow VR Imperium Media 11-Apr-17 Undisclosed Complete
Into the VR World AppSwarm Inc. 13-Apr-17 Undisclosed Complete
XPerception Baidu 13-Apr-17 Undisclosed Pending
Saiyan Productions Imperium Media 10-May-17 Undisclosed Complete
Owlchemy Labs Google 10-May-17 Undisclosed Undisclosed
VRB Samsung Electronics 16-Jun-17 $5.5M Pending
Pericept ClearEdge3D 6-Jul-17 Undisclosed Pending
SpaceView Atheer 12-Jul-17 Undisclosed Pending

A lot of transactions in only 12 months to say the least. What else can we notice? The actual price details of the acquisitions are mostly undisclosed. There is a little bit of a transparency issue here with these items, but that is not entirely unusual with disruptive technologies.

Did we miss any acquisitions that should be part of this? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

Photo credit: Olabi MakerspaceIan Hughes
Source: Crunchbase

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