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Magnetips: Cool Magnetic Fineliner Pens

Magnetips is one of the newest Kickstarter success stories and this time you have a unique, exciting set of pens designed to make coloring and writing a lot easier and fun.

The interesting thing about this product is that it features not one but multiple pens that you can use in order to take your coloring to the next level and this is a really fun thing to keep in mind at all times. It’s a one of a kind, refined and truly exciting product that you will love and appreciate using mainly because of its design.


Speaking of that, the design of this thing just left me breathless. It’s one of the coolest thing, because each one of these pens has a magnet and they stick to one another in order to create a one of a kind, exciting and truly interesting form of art.

So aside from just having a set of cool colored pens that you can check out, you also have a great and very interesting set of pens that just come close to one another and this on its own is definitely interesting. The addition of Neodymium magnets makes the entire experience not only very refined but filled with great potential and that definitely shows the great benefits that Magnetips brings to the table. You can use only a single pen if you want or you can get multiple ones with you and have them attached to one another.

This is the coolest way to make sure that no pen will be stolen or lost as you use or transport them. A really interesting and definitely a fun product with an unusual set of features to say the least.

Some of the other things that stand out with the Magnetips is that the ink in each pen is water based so there’s no chemical used, but on top of that the product also integrates some vents that make using the pen a lot easier. The magnets are powerful and the tip is metal encased so you do get only the highest quality and best possible results.

The overall design in the hex format is actually very interesting and that does add value to the product. The pens are very durable and refillable, which only makes the Magnetips product even more interesting and fun to begin with. It does get a whole lot of value due to the fact that you get a black appeal on the outside or you can choose the colorful version that does make it easier for you to figure out the color of each pen.

Honestly, I found Magnetips to be a great, refreshing and very exciting product with a whole lot of amazing stuff to offer. It’s a unique, interesting product with some really neat features and I really find it to be an amazing purchase. You can find more information about the product and even pre-order it at http://magnetips.co/.

YouTube: MAGNETIPS™ Incredible Magnetic Pens

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