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Magbulb Makes Swapping Lightbulbs Easy with Magnets

Every home needs light, making lightbulbs a staple in each household. Still, everyone knows that it takes effort (and a good balance) to change them when they’ve burned out. There are times when we break or drop bulbs while changing them. With this in mind, Magbulb was created.

How it works

Magbulb promises to “turn routine into fun” by employing a smarter and interesting twist to lightbulb sockets. The product uses fireproof and non-combustible plastic adapters that are equipped with a pair of neodymium magnets.

This two-piece set is attached to the bulb holder and the light bulb. The first part is screwed into the lightbulb socket once. Meanwhile, the second part is merely attached to the lightbulb and can be removed if there’s a need to attach more than one lightbulb.

From there, you can easily change and connect new bulbs without making the effort of unscrewing and screwing them back up again. With this, lightbulbs can be changed ten times faster as it makes use of a “plug and play” type of design.

Since it employs the use of magnets, one does not need to worry much about other needed tools. You won’t need to worry about possible injuries that may happen when a lightbulb doesn’t get into the thread or if it breaks off its base when unscrewed as well. Since you don’t need to twist and untwist it, you won’t need your pliers or lightbulb removers once you start using Magbulb.

In addition to convenience, Magbulb is also recommended for people with disabilities like arthritis. Screwing new bulbs on and off the sockets can be uncomfortable, if not painful, for those with the condition as it involves joint movement and wrist rotation.

Magbulb promises a smart, stylish, and suitable way to change your lightbulb. After a three-year conceptualization, a Kickstarter page was made for the product and it has been successfully backed with an amount of $20,729.

YouTube: Magbulb – World’s First Magnetic Lightbulb Socket !

Photo credits: The feature image used is only symbolic and has been taken by Tú Bông.

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