Lumen Couture: A Fashion Glow-Getter


Fashion is a fascinating yet very dynamic industry. With its primary purpose to provide coverage, protection, and comfort, it has slowly evolved as a form of expressing oneself. Several brands have popped up left and right to cater to the rising demand for apparel. Over the years, we see trends come full circle. So to stand out in this industry, one must have that edge over the others.

One such individual is Chelsea Klukas with her take on modern clothing, Lumen Couture. Her line consists of a ready-to-wear fashion tech line made with lightweight material that is continually developed to be durable and sustainable.

Lumen Couture

The light bulb moment

It all started when Klukas, along with her colleagues, came up with a project-mapped dress. It had a projector that beamed the image down to the body. Everything, including the lights and the music, was controlled with just one tap on the wearer’s iPhone.

After that successful gig, Klukas continued coming up with designs with custom tech integrating new inventions that nobody has seen before. Now with a handful of collections, Lumen Couture showcases dresses, tops, and skirts that are available for buying or renting.

Future of fashion

Their clothing has LED technology that glows from day till night. These lights could change its colors and patterns in just one press of a button. The garments can also be connected to a variety of sensors for different effects.


Some garments can respond to music or even one’s voice. Others can change color depending on the temperature. While some can display warning signs for any health issues. They also have accessories such as LED belts that include a rechargeable USB bank or battery-operated LED chokers, earrings, and necklaces that you could turn on and off.

Recently, Lumen Couture came up with face masks that can display your designs or a visual equalizer whenever you talk. It may not be medically tested or approved, but aside from its aesthetic value, 60% of the profits are being donated to WHO COVID-19 Response Fund.

In this modern age and time, there is still great resistance with wearable tech garments. Lumen Couture aims for wearable tech clothing to become mainstream in the next few years and to encourage innovation and creativity in terms of fashion.

YouTube: Video Projection Dress: Lumen Couture 2.0

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Lumen Couture and have been provided for press usage.
Source: WHO

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Sam Albano
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