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There have probably been times when you needed to share your screen with someone who wasn’t in the room with you to fix a problem. This is pretty common, mostly at work when you’re training people in a different location. Of course, some people use it too for fun, like sharing their screen with friends.

Loom is a new communication tool that does just that. It can record and share your computer screen and webcam in a simple way.


The fastest and easiest way to communicate

Loom lets you share your entire desktop or just a specific app. You can also share a specific tab on your browser or just your webcam. Once you hit the stop button to finish recording, a link to the video is automatically generated. You just have to copy-paste the link to share your video. You can also trim the video or add custom thumbnails to it.

Unlike other screen-recording applications, Loom can be integrated into your Gmail account. This means that if you were writing an email and you want to send a video along with it, you can attach the video to the email when you finish recording the video.

You can make sure that only the people you want to share the video with can watch it. With Loom, you can set up a password or make the video viewable only to certain email addresses. Those viewers can also react and comment on your video so you have instant replies and feedback.

Start recording

You can create a free account on the Loom website, or log in with your Google account. If you want to opt for the Chrome extension, you’ll need to add the extension to Google Chrome.

After that, just click the Loom extension icon on the top-right of your browser to start. Once there, a window will pop out with some recording settings for you to select. Here, you can also choose to record with your camera, your screen, or both.

If you select the Screen+Cam or Screen Only options, you can choose whether to record the full desktop or current tab only. Below all these options, you will find an audio indicator to show if the microphone is enabled and working properly.

You will also find some advanced settings available on the tool. Some of those settings allow you to customize the mic and cam input. Once you have finished setting it up, just hit the ‘Start Recording’ button.

Once you have finished recording, you can view the video. At this point, you can do some edits or trim it down before copying the link to share it. Keep in mind that the Loom Chrome extension will not have all the Loom Pro recording features. These are available in the Loom Desktop App.

Some limitations

If you’re using a free account, you can save only up to 25 videos. Once you have reached the maximum number, the oldest videos will be archived. Of course, you can delete videos to free up some space.

If you want to save all of your videos and power them up, you can access more features with Loom Pro. In both cases, the videos will be saved on the account until you want to delete them. This means that there’s no expiration date for them.

Another good thing about this is that there are no time limitations on the recordings for both accounts. However, Loom will check out after 2 hours to see if you are still intentionally recording.

You can find Loom as a standalone app, but you can also choose to use it as a Google Chrome extension. It is also available for Mac, Windows, and iOS.

YouTube: Loom Chrome Extension Intro🎥😄


Photo credits: All images used are owned by Loom and were provided for press usage.

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