Logitech to Facilitate Major Brand Update


Logi-Product-TeaserLogitech is one of those tech companies that appear to have been around since before consumers were even aware of what a tech company was. Founded in 1981 by two Stanford alumni, it has become a staple of the consumer PC marketplace and has established a commanding foothold in the gaming market as well. But, like all great companies, Logitech is making changes. To keep themselves relevant (I assume), which hardly seems necessary considering everything from their market share to their revenue, Logitech has opted for bit of rebranding.

Now for me, this change seems to be largely unnecessary. I actually like seeing the Logitech name and branding on equipment. I guess I’m not the only one because in a strange turn of events, Logitech isn’t actually changing their name on everything. Here’s what happened: Logitech has decided to opt for a name change on what is known as ‘future-facing’ products. These are new and innovative products Logitech is producing, otherwise known as essentially anything that isn’t a keyboard or mouse. For these products, Logitech will carry the admittingly cute looking logo in bright green with just four letters, spelling out Logi.

“A company transformation of this magnitude should come with an equally bold transformation of its brand.”
– Alastair Curtis, Chief Design Officer of Logitech

For all of Logitech’s legacy devices, otherwise known as keyboards and mice, they will continue to carry the Logitech branding. So why the sudden change? Logitech ‘s Chief Design Officer, Alastair Curtis recently remarked that the company needed to separate itself from “being a company that is defined around PC’s.” Changing the branding to Logi certainly seems to be a step in this direction. Given that computer sales to consumers have been declining in recent years, showing a focus on what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) instead doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad move. These are everyday devices that are now starting to get Internet connectivity.

Essentially, Logitech recognizes that the archaic business practices of yesteryear are a liability. By rebranding their future products, Logitech is banking on a new generation of millennials to adopt their technology, perhaps partly based on a more cutesy design. Will it work? Only time will be able to tell. Although it was the aging crowd that crowned Logitech, will be it their kin that dethrones Logitech and relegates it to the rubbish heap? Not according to their latest sales forecast, but only their investors know for sure. As a long proponent of Logitech branded devices, and as someone who still fondly remembers family using a Logitech Trackball, I think I’ll hold out using their old name for a while longer.

YouTube: Logitech Brand Video

Photo credit: Logitech

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