Taking ‘Down Under’ to a New Level: Live Underground in Coober Pedy


Exploring the world is something really exciting for me and to be honest I always try to find new, interesting locations to check out. Coober Pedy, an Australian town is one of the most interesting places to visit because not only are they located in a very beautiful scenery, but the town on its own is basically underground.

Yes, believe it or not there is a town in this world which can be found only underground. This is really nice as you just can’t find another place in the world with such an interesting architecture and interesting details.

The main reason why the town can be found underground, or at least part of it anyway, is that the region is known for opal mining and these are old mining tunnels.

Despite being underground, these residences which are called dugouts are very modern and they do offer access to just about any of the amenities that you might want. It’s exciting to have so many interesting things here and that’s what makes the Coober Pedy location so great in the first place.

Not only do they have restaurants underground, but you can also find a church, houses, hotels and a whole lot of other cool stuff, all underground. It’s one of the most exciting places to visit if you want something unique and fun to be honest. A visit here is not that expensive in the first place, and the entire region is filled with places to see, however the ability to live underground even for a short period of time is an unseen, extraordinary thing.

The entire architecture is normal, however the carvings are very impressive and they do offer quite an interesting visual feast each time you come here. Rest assured though that you can have immediate access to just about anything that you might want, that’s how professional and reliable the entire location really is.

Sure, you can’t find as many carpets and decorations like you can in a normal home, but being here is nothing short of spectacular. The entire place showcases true cleanliness and exploring it is just a true pleasure because of that.

I am very impressed with the large amount of amenities that you can check out here and the one of a kind places that you can explore, which is truly exciting and fun. There are no windows though, which is understandable considering the location!

Overall, I feel that Coober Pedy does a great job in being something one of a kind. This underground city is very easy to expand since you just need to dig a new hole! In whole seriousness though, Coober Pedy is one of the most interesting locations you can find in the region, and it’s surely a one of a kind place for you to peruse. If you want to visit something new, exciting and different, you should place Coober Pedy on your radar!

Photo credit: Graeme ChurchardSmart EncyclopediaMick LPhil Whitehouse

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