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Life360: Know Where and What Your Family Is Doing

With the technology of today, it’s so simple to know where your loved ones are. They can be just a message or a call away. You can easily communicate with them and communication has never been easier! But what if I tell you there’s an app to enhance this means of communication further?

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While I am writing this article, Life360 is the #1 Top Free Lifestyle app in the Google Play Store, not to mention it also being an Editor’s Choice and #6 Social Networking app on the iTunes AppStore. It enables you to track your family members even if they are far away, among many other features. Aside from GPS tracking, it can show you live locations, battery life, car speed, travel time, etc. It also detects if your family members have gotten into an accident and alerts you for immediate response.

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You can also chat with each other in a personal panel of your chosen circle. Circles are the groups of people you include in the application. All it needs is each one of you having the app and opening it (with the use of the Internet) to update each other’s statuses. No more “where are you” texts because you already know where they are, no more waiting in advance because you know exactly when they’re about to arrive, and no more unnecessary calls during meetings because they already know when you are at work or not.

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This app is truly helpful to check up on your loved ones in real time. No more bugging each other with unnecessary calls and messages in bad times. It will undoubtedly increase your accountability for each other and decrease your anxiety knowing your loved ones are always safe. If you like this app, then go on and download it, available both for Android and iOS. Feel free to tell me what you think about this app in the comments below!

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