Lenovo Sponsors CS:GO Team "Silver Snipers", Average Age: 71


Don’t you know the Silver Snipers from Sweden? Neither did I but we have just come across a really cool CS:GO team that consists exclusively of seniors. These two ladies and three gentlemen even made it to the Dreamhack 2017 and battled the eSports elite.

Who’s on the team?

Current team roster:

  • Abbe “BirDie” Drakborg, 75
  • Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godänge, 63
  • Öivind “Windy” Toverud, 75
  • Monica “Teen Slayer” Idenfors, 62
  • Bertil “Berra-Bang” Englund, 81

The team is sponsored by Lenovo Legion, which is Lenovo’s brand for gaming equipment. Their coach is Tommy Ingemarsson, who also goes by the nick Potti, who is now retired from gaming but once was a founding member of the well-known team “Ninjas in Pyjamas.”

Lenovo Silver Snipers CSGO Seniors Team Dreamhack eSports Elderly Competition CS Gaming Tournament Sweden

Everybody is a gamer

I think this is really awesome and shows that gaming is not only for young people. Everybody is a gamer at heart, and there should not be a bias to who should be playing and who should not. Not the gender and not the age should be a restriction to entering a competition or even just playing casually.

In a Lenovo blog article, Gavin O’Hara captures thoughts from the Silver Snipers team directly:

Aside from the sheer exhilaration of playing games like Counter-Strike, the Snipers have enjoyed forging deeper connections with younger family members who are avid gamers. “We have more to talk about,” says Bertil “Berra-Bang” Englund. “And our kids and grandchildren think that we are pretty cool.” Öivind “Windy” Toverud, adds: “My kids think it’s so cool that people in the food market recognize us and that we have a fan page on Facebook.”

The women on the team—Monica and Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godänge—get extra satisfaction from succeeding in a youth- and male-dominated gaming community. “When we are training,” Wanja says, “Monica and I always play on the same team against the men. And we always win.”

Visit the Lenovo Silver Snipers on their website as well as their social media profiles and show them your support. We wish them all the best for future tournaments.

YouTube: CS:GO NEWS: Interview with Oldest Players [and other subjects] (Jake’s News)

liangpupuStory pitched by news scout Pupu Liang.
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Photo credit: Silver Snipers
Source: Silver Snipers website / Gavin O’Hara (Lenovo blog)

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