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LaunchDarkly: Easing Software Development With Feature Flags

Tech companies are transitioning to a more modernized software where they can move quickly with a customizable way to maintain control. With that in mind, John Kodumal and Edith Harbaugh founded LaunchDarkly on July 14, 2014. Their vision is to get rid of the risks that developers and operation teams face during software development cycles.

Headquartered in California, LaunchDarkly is a service platform that integrates into a company’s current development cycle. In turn, their developers and operations team can oversee and control that cycle from start to finish.

LaunchDarkly is a platform that is made for engineering teams to have an easier implementation of any code of infrastructural change in their software. The platform makes this possible with the use of feature flags. The function of the feature flag is to help enable or disable a code within the software being created.


Modern solutions for modern problems

The LaunchDarkly platform can help you have better visibility and management of the lifecycle of your software. This ranges fro local development, to QA, and finally to production. It also has custom targeting rules and percentage rollout that will safely test your features in production and get valuable feedback.

The platform uses a server-sent event or SSE that has a contract for one-way real-time messaging. This can send messages to your servers whenever rule changes are made to your feature flag via the dashboard. Of course, this platform’s SDKs handle your SSE’s connection. In fact, LaunchDarkly’s SDKs handle a lot of major web and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.


LaunchDarkly can also help a company continue to offer robust products and services. Having a platform that can match a fast-paced culture can also help build a diverse team.

LaunchDarkly has a starting price of $75 per month as a starter. For the Professional, the subscription is at $325. Meanwhile, if you have a company and you’re interested in this platform, the Enterprise option is available, with a varying price depending on the number of users.

YouTube: LaunchDarkly – Launch, control, and measure your features

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