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Kraftwerk Group Develops Fuel Cell For Electric Mobility

Global warming has become one of the most major problems in the last decade, and many have created ways to solve this major issue. Gas emission from cars is just one of the major air pollution that contributes to this persistent problem we face today.

Countries like China and Bangladesh who are immensely populated face big-time air pollution issues for gas emissions from cars. This is why more people are shifting to electric cars. While it does help with reducing gas emission, electric cars need electricity to charge batteries.

With that, people are trying to figure out new ways to produce electrical energy too. The Kraftwerk Group is working on an electric mobility concept that aims to solve this issue.

The concept

The Kraftwerk Group created a lightweight energy source to generate electricity efficiently. This comes int the form of a full metal fuel cell that can convert electricity from hydrogen natural gas, liquified gas, gasoline, or even kerosene. This also provides an alternative that’s cleaner and more efficient than lithium-ion batteries.

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The idea of the Kraftwerk Group is to create an entire system that is one-third of the weight and cost of a lithium-ion battery EV. The metal fuel cell is also accompanied by an onboard charger that can provide about 250 kWh electric energy per filling. This is also able to fully recharge in one minute.

There is no doubt that vehicles need to be more innovative as we become more aware of the state of our environment. Vehicle emissions are a major driving factor behind global warming, and governments have been trying to implement stricter emission regulations and vehicle limitations.

Overall, the Kraftwerk Group’s concept of a single nano-tube to convert electricity may be the first step towards a cleaner and greener future. For now, the nano-tubes are provided to three automotive groups with the prices of the tubes still undisclosed. However, this move is a solid step towards lessening carbon footprint and their goal in fighting against pollution and global warming.

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