Korean Robot ‘FURo’ Brings You Interactive Digital Signage


If there’s one thing we all know it’s amazing today, that is technology. In Korea it seems that tech is actually stepping out of the cell phones and other devices, and instead it actively helps people to shop and find out more about brands for example.

A new robot developed by FUTUREROBOT Co., Ltd., called FURo takes the store interaction to new levels. It’s basically an interesting solution of digital signage but it manages to bring in front some incredible results and pretty neat ideas, all combined into a very powerful and unique solution that you will appreciate and enjoy for sure.

One of the best things about this interesting digital signage solution is the interaction, because this robot actually tends to offer human features and emotion, something that really makes it stand out and evolve in an ever demanding and evolving world.

I am very impressed to be honest with everything that this robot has to offer, mainly because it’s very refined as a solution and it manages to deliver some incredible and very powerful results right off the bat. I also appreciate the attention to detail and high quality mechanics that are brought in by it.

Also, it’s really nice to see that it gets sad when customers go away and it’s happy when they make a purchase. It’s a lively solution that really takes digital signage to new levels and that’s really exciting considering the possibilities that this brings to the table. One of the things I like here is that it integrates seamlessly with NFC solutions, but it also offers credit card support and it delivers printed receipts.

FURo seems to be so popular that it has expanded to numerous hospitals in Korea and on top of that other countries like China, Brazil and France are very interested in it as well. The fact that the robot can be customized, and I am talking more specifically about the face, it really shows that there are numerous interesting possibilities to be had.

It’s nice to have such a solution nowadays and I am very impressed with everything that it has to offer. It manages to deliver some incredible results and truly interesting outcomes, you should totally interact with it if you will encounter one.

It seems that for the time being the main use for this tool is in hospitals but it might come in stores and other locales as well.

Will this become a new trend in digital signage? I really don’t know, but what I can say is that FURo is quite amazing at what it does and it certainly opens up numerous new possibilities. People should totally check it out, it’s one of a kind and well worth interacting with!

YouTube: Korea Today – Korea-made robot FURO dazzles the world (ARIRANG ISSUE)

Photo credit: FUTUREROBOT

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