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Keys-to-Go: Latest Washable Waterproof Logitech Keyboard

I remember years ago when Logitech came out with their first washable keyboard. At the time, it was big news. It seemed bizarre to spill coffee or ketchup on a keyboard without causing harm. That keyboard probably made a lot of people work harder since it became no longer necessary to leave the desk in order to eat a messy lunch. Logitech’s newest washable keyboard, Keys-to-Go, puts their old one to shame. Wait till you see this…

When I first saw this Keys-to-Go keyboard, I immediately thought of my Surface Pro 3 keyboard cover. After reading an article about it on Cnet, I see I’m not the only one who made that connection. It looks almost the same, only better.

This colorful and sleek washable, waterproof keyboard is designed to work with any tablet or any Bluetooth device. Some people think it only works with iOS devices since it has iOS keyboard shortcuts, but that’s not the case. It supposedly works with all tablets.

One thing I really like about recent tech innovations is that they are designed to be paired with active lifestyles. We all take our devices with us everywhere, and we don’t want to be bothered with having to treat them like they’re delicate and breakable.

That is one thing I noticed when I was at Google picking up my Glass last year. Many people who work on the Glass team toss their Glass around like it’s sturdy, not fragile. I like that. This Keys-To-Go keyboard is the same way. You can feel confident about taking it with you on your outdoor adventures.

The one downside to this Keys-to-Go keyboard is that it’s not magnetic like other keyboards. However, it is super slim, it comes in vivid colors, and the FabricSkin feels good to the touch. Unfortunately, this keyboard isn’t on Amazon (yet), but you can pick one up directly on the Logitech website for $69.99.




Source: Cnet
Photo credit: Logitech

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