Japanese Creative Lab PARTY Lets You Scale Your Attractiveness


Ever wondered how good-looking you are? Now you can see the numerical scores of your “looks” with the new system created by Japanese creative lab PARTY, called “Deeplooks”, and it is based on deep learning technology. The system quantifies abstract evaluations of “looks” into a more or less objective beauty-score.


What is Deeplooks and how does it work?

So, how does Deeplooks evaluate your face and appeal? The project manager of Deeplooks, Tatsuhiko Akutsu, was so kind to answer all our questions via phone call.

MH: “How does Deeplooks work?”

TA: “Deeplooks is based on deep learning technology. We asked people to give scores to the pictures of humans. Then, we fed the data of how people evaluated the pictures into the system, and the system learnt on its own.”

MH: “The standard of beauty is different, depending on the country and region. Is Deeplooks based on a universal beauty standard?”

TA: “We used pictures of various different races, and asked people from different places in the world to evaluate them. So, the standard used for Deeplooks should be close to the global standard.”

MH: “How accurate is Deeplooks?”

TA: “It is difficult to say, and we are still testing its accuracy. For example, in order to test its accuracy, we fed the system with the top 10 Japanese actresses and saw how the system scores them.”

Trying out Deeplooks

Now that you got the general idea of this new technology, you must be dying to try it out. Here is the link to their website where you can try Deeplooks.

Here are the steps:

  • Take a picture of yourself.
  • Upload it on Deeplooks.

That’s it. It only takes about 10-20 seconds for the system to evaluate your looks. Please keep it in mind that it’s still a new technology, and don’t take it too serious.

Application of Deeplooks in many fields

This seemingly very superficial invention has many interesting possibilities and applications. Here are the few examples that was proposed on their website.

  1. Daily Face Record App: You could log your face / skin condition everyday. With the past data, app can analyze your skin health and suggest beauty treatment.
  2. Selecting your perfect pair of glasses: Having trouble choosing which glasses fit you the best? No worries, with Deeplooks technology, you can try out different styles of glasses, and choose the pair that suits you the best (according to your attractiveness score).
  3. Diagnosing faces in relation to personalities: Some people say there is a relation between one’s looks and personality. If we can apply Deeplooks to personality tests, we can see the relation between qualities of faces and personalities.

This solution has many possibilities and applications as seen above, and will enable people to think about looks in a whole new way. However, my opinion is that we need to always think about how much we should concern about the “looks”. The book is not just about the cover, but also about the content, and so are human beings!

YouTube:「Deeplooks」宮本 優一 – DemoDay.Tokyo #01

Photo credit: PARTY / Hernán Piñera
Editorial note: When trying the web version of Deeplooks out, PARTY emphasizes the following message, “The learning of the Deeplooks algorithm has been based on images of people of multiple nationalities and cultures. Beauty standards and scales vary. Please have fun with this service responsibly and refrain from taking the scoring too seriously.”

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