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Jaguar’s New EV Comes with Alexa

Jaguar_2012_logoMahwah, US, March 1 — Any electric car that hopes to compete in the fast-growing market had better have plenty of tech gadget chops. Especially from a big name in automotive like Jaguar. So, its good news that the new I-PACE, a luxury-class, all-electric-SUV, capable of doing 240 miles on a charge is suitably equipped.

Challenging Tesla at its own game, Jaguar’s own InControl Remote App can be linked to Alexa for verbal commands. Owners can ask questions like “What’s the charging level?” without having to go outside and check, query range and other information from their phone or at home, and talk to the car while on the road.

The people at Jaguar are proud of what they have achieved. Ian Hoban, Jaguar vehicle line director, comments, “We set out with a clean sheet approach to harness[ing] new battery electric technology with an architecture engineered from the outset to optimize EV performance, aerodynamics and interior space. The result is the I-PACE – a true Jaguar and a truly driver-focused EV.”

Jaguar vs. the Tesla X

Competing with Tesla‘s X model, the I-PACE comes with a wide dash featuring three infotainment and data displays. These can help with navigation, climate control, media playing and phone tasks. However, it looks like it won’t be compatible with Apple’s Car Play or Android Auto, so you’re stuck with Jaguar’s own app and in-car services.

Naturally, the car is perfectly styled, if you like the cropped-rear aspect, with an impeccable interior and lots of extras. The vehicle features 432 batteries distributed for perfect weight balance. With fast charging of 80% in 45 minutes at public high-capacity chargers and 100% at home in 10 hours, it should be suitable for local and longer-range cruising. In the UK, the models start from £63,500 ($87,852), which is £7,000 ($9,684) less than a Tesla Model X, the cars are coming to the US in the second half of the year.

As more marques switch to offering an electric model, choice and prices will start to fall. But for most buyers, the dream of luxury and green living gives Jaguar and others a chance to encourage them up the ladder with all the refinement and technology they can offer.

YouTube: New Jaguar I-PACE 2019 – a better electric car than a Tesla?

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Source: Jaguar press release
Editorial notice: Quotes have been provided as part of a public press release.

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