iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6: Should You Keep or Upgrade the Old Model?


iPhone 6 was released last year in 2014 and Apple did something that its fans were looking forward to for a very long time – announcing an iPhone with a big screen as compared to its previous models. This latest gadget from Apple boasts of 4.7 inch screen and its previous version iPhone 5S looks miniature in size. One of the biggest questions looming in the mind of iPhone 5S users is whether they should upgrade their mobile or not. Will it be worth upgrading for? If you are one of those people who are unable to decide whether you should keep using your old iPhone model or switch to this latest one, here you will be able to find answers to all the questions.

Design and Material

iPhone 6 measures 138.1x67x6.9 mm and weighs around 130 grams. The iPhone 5S on the other hand measures 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm and it weight 112 grams. This makes the former model slightly slimmer but only a little bit heavier than its predecessor. Whether you like a phone with big screen is based on your personal preferences. But in terms of feel and usability, iPhone 6 can be easily managed with a single hand and it fits easily in pocket. iPhone 6 has anodized aluminum panel with front sides made of curved glass. The iPhone 5S also has anodized aluminum but it has chamfered edges with diamond cuts in the front. iPhone 6 is far more grippy to hold than iPhone 5S.

According to iPhone Doctor neither model has significant problems with hardware or software. Like any device it requires little maintenance, but with careful handling both models can last a long time.


The Apple iPhone 6 comes with A8 dual core processor, M8 co-processor and 1GB RAM. Its predecessor on the other hand is built with A7 processor with M7 co-processor with 1GB RAM. As you can see, the new model has got improved specifications. It is great fun swiping through the menus, playing the graphic games and scrolling through the websites. The only con with iPhone 6 is that it comes with 1GB RAM which is really disappointing. Even the iPad Air 2 is equipped with 2GB RAM. So performance wise, there is not much of a difference between the two models. In fact both of them are at par with each other. The iPhone parts are better in this latest model.


Battery and Storage

The iPhone 5S has 1560 mAh battery that lasts around 15 hours with continuous video playback. The iPhone 6 on other hand has 1810 mAh battery but lasts around 13 hours with continuous video playback. The battery life is low in this new model owing to its big display screen. It is little less but not dramatically small to deal with. But when it comes with email synchronization and playing songs and other stuffs iPhone 6 easily last a day on full charge. It is not the case with iPhone 5S which needs to be frequently charged. So here the latest model from Apple is a big improvement when it comes to battery. The iPhone 6 comes with 128GB, 64GB and 16GB internal storage while iPhone 5S is only available in 16 and 32GB model.


Both the models come with 8 megapixels primary camera but iPhone 6 has a new feature addition to its list and it is Phase Detect Autofocus. It uses the same technology as used in DSLR camera which allows this mobile to focus quickly as compared to other smartphones. The iPhone 6 also has digital image stabilization so as to curtail hand shaking while taking snaps. The video capabilities are also improved and you can shoot videos in different frame rates like 30fps, 60fps and 120 fps. The images captured in iPhone 6 are more detailed with exceptional low light pictures. The iPhone 5S on other hand produces noisy low light images. On the whole, you won’t gain anything on upgrading your mobile but iPhone 6 will offer you low light snaps and images with better dynamic range. At the end it depends upon how much you are using your camera.

Final Verdict: iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Although it more than a year old, iPhone 5S is still one of the best smartphones available in the market. But iPhone 6 is an upgrade which is faster, has a bigger display with good camera performance and better battery life. If you are looking forward to buy a new smartphone, iPhone 6 will always be the ultimate choice. But if you want to upgrade from your existing iPhone 5S, then there are certain aspects you need to ponder upon. If you are not that photographer kind of person who likes taking snaps randomly and you are perfectly comfortable with the small size, then there is no reason to ditch your iPhone 5S and upgrade to iPhone 6.

Additional info can be found on official Apple site.

Photo credit: Noodles and Beef / Apple

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