Invisawear: Fashionable Protection Wearable for Everyday Use


Every day is an adventure for each and every one of us. Even just going to work, to school or just a simple stroll in the park. But in every adventure, there is danger lurking around waiting for the exact moment to strike on their prey. Most people would bring protection such as pepper sprays and panic buttons to ward off the attackers. But what if it is not enough to fend off offenders?

Invisawear (also stylized invisaWear) was created by two friends Rajia Abdelaziz and Ray Hamilton who experienced assault by a group of men in a car park. They wanted to make a device which will provide protection effectively and discreetly every day. So they designed it to be wearable jewelry.

What is Invisawear?

It is smart jewelry that allows you to send your location to your loved ones and emergency dispatchers in cases of danger. The pendant contains the device which you need to double press to send a text message to your pre-allocated emergency contacts. The pendant can be worn in different ways that would suit your style. Wear it as a necklace, bracelet, choker or keychain.

How does it work?

First, you have to download the free Invisawear companion app, and then you have to select up to 5 emergency contacts to send the emergency text messages of your location. Lastly just pair your mobile phone and Invisawear. Once this is done and if you encounter a life-threatening situation, all you need to do is double-click on the charm which activates the emergency S.O.S. The 5 emergency contacts you have assigned before will receive the text message and if you have the free and optional contact 9-1-1 enabled, it will automatically dial 9-1-1 dispatchers who are close to where you are. Here are some of the gadget’s features:

Low-energy Bluetooth

Allows the device to connect to a smartphone within 30 feet. Great if you go to another room and don’t bring your smartphone with you.

Double-click activation

A quick double press, usually within 3 seconds, will activate an alert, so users don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing it. If in case of a false alarm, the app allows users to easily cancel an alert to let the emergency contacts know that it is withdrawn.

1-year battery life

The coin cell battery will last for one year, so users don’t have to worry about charging another device. Users will also be able to replace components for a discounted price of $65 per unit.

Contacts 9-1-1 directly

Invisawear is working with RapidSOS to directly connect to 9-1-1 local dispatchers for a faster and more effective service with no COGS.


Invisawear jewelry is lightweight and plated in either 14k gold or rhodium. The custom designed charms are less than an inch diameter, like the size of a quarter.

GPS tracking and notifications

Allows your nominated contacts to receive precise location updates. It also has a medical information feature to help emergency responders regarding medical conditions, medications or allergies for better care.

Silent and stylish

Invisawear will not tip off an aggressor due to having a slick design that has been incorporated into jewelry.


Sweat and weather resistant. You don’t need to worry that the device will break in the rain but you probably shouldn’t take it for a dive.

This smart device will surely help a lot of people who are working late, going on a night out, jogging or just strolling anywhere. Their primary target market is towards working women and college students, but I also believe that the Invisawear is not limited to women but can also be used by men. It is a versatile device that works as stylish jewelry and a powerful protection against potential criminals who would do harm to an individual. Perhaps they will launch more masculine designs with the second version of the product.

Purchasing options, price and types

The device is now available for purchase through Amazon. They have a wide range of design to suit your style. Just follow this link and choose your wearable protection. At this moment, the product price starts at $95 but varies based on what model you’re going for. You can also purchase a gift card if you are unsure of what model to choose for your loved ones or friends, it might be a great gift to them.

Are you interested in Invisawear? What are your thoughts about this wearable? Write in the comments below and tell us what you think.

YouTube: Smart Jewelry & Accessories That Could Save Your Life!

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Invisawear.
Source: Invisawear website / press kit

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Xz Jopillo
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