6 Ways to Influence and Persuade Your Colleagues [Infographic]


We’ve all met those people who light up a room when they arrive. They’re charming and charismatic, and almost everyone is naturally drawn to them. I imagine those people don’t have much trouble influencing and persuading others. For the rest of us, influencing and persuading is learned. The 6 tips presented in this infographic are not only useful for business situations, but for any aspect of every day life.

It’s a bit strange to write about how to influence and persuade others because it should be genuine and natural, not forced. What I mean is, if your intentions aren’t good, these techniques will not work. Leadership in general has to be trustworthy and credible in order to be effective. This is true whether you are trying to influence your colleagues, your social media friends, or even your kids.

According to this infographic by everreach, there are 6 basic factors that guide our decision-making. If we can master the principles of reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus, we will apparently have an easier time with influencing and persuading.

Again, I have to point out the importance of being genuine and sincere when you try these techniques. If you aren’t, you may come across as a slimy salesperson trying to pitch your ideas, and that’s usually not very effective.

Remember, people love to buy stuff, but they hate to be sold to. With that in mind, when I read this infographic, I can think of times when people have used these techniques on me. But, I don’t mind. I enjoy giving the charming, charismatic server in a restaurant a larger tip and supporting the ideas of people I like. In most cases, I think it’s just human nature.

Now make sure you come back to this blog each week to check out the new posts! (Did that work? Have you been influenced and persuaded? LOL)


Photo credit: Michael Heiss / everreach

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