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IDAGIO: The Streaming Service For Classical Music Fans

We are witnessing technology improving our lives every day, from robots parking our cars to streaming entertainment that almost completely replaces television and radio. There are also a bunch of on-demand music streaming services we can choose from like Spotify, SoundCloud, Jango, and Deezer.

While some of these services do offer a variety of genres, there’s seems to be a lack of service geared towards a more refined sound. I’m talking about classical music, of course. It may seem that the classical music and its enthusiasts have been neglected amongst the popularity of other genres, until now. There’s one streaming service made to specifically cater to fans and revitalize how we listen to classical music: IDAGIO.

Welcome IDAGIO to the Stage

It all started with Till Janczukowicz and Christoph Lange who both have ties to the classical music industry. While Janczukowicz is experienced in managing classical music virtuosos, Lange is experienced in handling music streaming services. The duo were able to come together to create IDAGIO, and the rest is history.

IDAGIO’s music library currently counts over 1 million tracks, with tens of thousands joining the collection each week. It features an easy-to-use interface and an eye-catching design all the classical music fans out there will appreciate.

What really sets the app apart from every other music streaming service out there is the search function that caters specifically to classical music enthusiasts. The proprietary data model has a search function that allows easy browsing and catalog filtering. With this, you can customize your search according to the conductor, orchestra, or soloist. The cool extra features include supporting lossless FLAC format, choosing a playlist that fits your mood, and listening to music offline in CD-quality.

The app is available in 130 countries on a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, and Mac. You can also use it in your browser or via Sonos. Although IDAGIO is the first solution in the market catering to classical music enthusiasts, we can certainly hope it will not be the last.

YouTube: Thomas Hampson explains IDAGIO

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