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All about the Ice Bucket Challenge

 A neurodegenerative disease named amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has began having an increase in spread in the last few years, so numerous organizations from all over the globe have tried to help the people who suffer from this dreadful condition. This is how the Ice Bucket Challenge was born. This is an activity that requires you to dump a bucket of ice water on your head in order to promote ALS awareness and encourage people to donate for a great cause.

Due to the fact that it’s created to encourage people to donate, a lot of stars from all over the world have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge and also donated in the meanwhile. The challenge in itself tells that you either have to pour a bucket with a mix of ice and water on your head, or you have to donate if you don’t agree to take the challenge. If you do take the challenge, upon completion you need to nominate 3 people that need to perform it within 24 hours. Of course, you can choose to perform both actions because in the end, a lot of people that desperately need the treatment will benefit from it.

The fun aspect of pouring a bucket of ice cold water on your head is what made the Ice Bucket Challenge became viral online. Numerous of celebrities from almost each country in the world have taken the challenge as they encourage others to donate. Be it Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Bill Gates or Markus Person, each one of the celebs filmed them while taking the challenge and posted a video with that online. This is the main reason why the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral.

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Thanks to the unprecedented support shown by the community, the Ice Bucket Challenge has helped the ALS Association to raise more than 40 million dollars in less than a month. These money will be used to help the people in need to undergo treatments and recover from the unwillingly disease.

Despite a lot of criticism that has risen in regards to the Ice Bucket Challenge, the benefits for the human society that are brought through something like this are enormous. It took a lot of time to raise awareness over anything else in the human society, and gaining massive support for anything nowadays is close to impossible. Thankfully, the Ice Bucket Challenge shows anyone that people are much more important than money, and by donating we can change the lives of others. After all, we live in this society together.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has a noble cause and anyone should participate in it or at least donate as much as possible to the ALS. While a few dollars might not be worth that much to us, they can easily change the life of others that have to face the ALS each day.

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