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IBM Tech Supporting Psychological Treatment [Video]

What is the step after logical computing technology? Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What does that even mean? A form of intelligence would need to have a capacity for logic. The artificial entity would need to be able to construct abstract thoughts as well, be self-aware and make decisions. If a system follows code and calculation to make decisions, it’s not entirely to be considered as an intelligence either.

What about cognitive computing and prediction? What about the human psychology? IBMer Guillermo Cecchi, a PhD in biology, physics, and imaging in psychiatry, is working in this sphere. In pursuit to enable machine learning to understand patterns in mental disorders. What is he doing that for? Understanding mental health data could maybe help a psychiatrist uncover and predict a patient’s traumatic episode before it occurs, allowing for timely, specific treatment. A very curious frontier and can hopefully help many people in the future.

YouTube: IBM: Revealing the Predictive Mind

Photo credit: IBM

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