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IBM Rethinks Email with IBM Verse

ibm logo official high resolution png transparency City Medium typeface 1967 International Business Machines CorporationMost of the business mailing tools nowadays seem to be very hard to use, and in a world where decisions and expectations are just a mail away, you need to make sure that you use the best possible tools that will help you and your business get in touch with partners and clients alike.

IBM has thought of this problem and they came up with a solution in the form of IBM Verse. This is a professional business mailing tool that takes all the good ideas from normal mail applications and integrates them into a one of a kind, social and highly appealing tool that you will definitely appreciate using.

One of the first things that you will see when using IBM Verse is that the program has a very intuitive interface that avoids to provide more clutter, and which instead brings better clarity and vision in regards to the matter at want. It connects you to everything you want, and it’s first of all a mail that understand you and your working patterns, and which does whatever it takes in order to integrate with them.


The way it does that is by studying your analytics and the persons that you work closely with, then it automatically provides you with quick access to the functions that you need the most. Since this is a tool with the business user in mind, it has a neat interface that provides you with the means to access meetings and in fact it even brings you notifications, which is great.

If you have new mails, you will also receive alerts which are very helpful since you will never miss a mail, instead you will access it within a few minutes.

Another great thing that IBM Verse brings to the table is the removal of clutter. IBM Verse does a great job in removing all the unnecessary things that fill most mail clients nowadays, and you will definitely like the result. Thanks to the intelligent interface and the stellar design, IBM Verse allows you to communicate with other people in your company without hassle, and you can do that from just about any device you need.


With the help of IBM Verse you can connect with literally anyone, and the beautiful interface just makes the whole experience a lot more convenient.

In conclusion, the IBM Verse is definitely one of the most interesting business mail solutions that have appeared in the latest years, and its interface as well as stellar design just make the whole experience a great one.

Many people in the business world have asked for such features, and with the IBM Verse solution coming to the market, giants such as Google will definitely have some competition in this regard. We are definitely looking forward to see how IBM Verse and what the competition has to counter with, but for now it seems that it’s just an amazing time to be a business mail user.

YouTube: IBM Verse – Changing the way you work

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